Many people talk about that the flesh is a coffin and that the REAL you is the spirit.  They say that you should work on your spirit more than the flesh because the spirit is the higher SELF.  Don’t that shit sound good?  Don’t that shit sound deep?  Well let me say all that is some bullshit from someone that is trying to sound deep.  If you have some time,  study the beginning of the life of Buddha,  he was trying to find enlightenment and thought that if he starved himself to emaciation,  that enlightenment would come.  well the nigga almost died!

Now that is a fictional story,  but the point I am making is that the spirit is NOT more important than the body.  They are ONE,  they are ONE,  they are ONE!  Stop letting these so-called sages pimp you with these quasi deep shit sayings about the spirit.  Things like…The spirit is the REAL YOU,  the body is HELL and the spirit is HEAVEN.  I love the “I am a SPIRIT having a HUMAN experience”,  get the fuck outta here!  The African law of Djehuti is the Law of Correspondence,  AS above So Below.  Everything is the same depending on where your Mental frequency is at.  If your MIND is ignorant,  your body will reflect that madness.  If your MIND is illuminated then your Body should reflect that. {should}

The spirit IS NOT more important that the Body and the Body is NOT more important than the Spirit,  they work in tandem.  Like the Ying and Yang symbol,  they both compliment each other.  The Body is the house,  if you don’t take care of the fucking house they will come and bulldoze that shit and put something else more functional in its place.  A clean House can only elevate the spirit,  but I don’t care how fucking spiritual you think you are,  don’t take care of the HOUSE and all you will be is a fucking spirit.  Nothing wrong with trying to be spiritual,  that is a necessity,  but if you don’t wash your ass and you are always eating filthy foods,  I don’t want to be around your so-called spiritual ass.  Again,  the Law of Correspondence,  take care of BOTH!

The problem arises when the ego takes over and all you want to do is embellish the physical at the detriment to the soul and mind.  This is when the flesh becomes the liability,  and all you see is women talking about their asses and face,  and men talking about their muscles and dicks.  The body is not a coffin,  its only that if you are a vampire and you are of the dead.  If you dislike your body [I don’t use HATE your body} no one should HATE their body,  you only have ONE,  so do what you need to do naturally to change it. But realize the body is just as divine as the spirit is,  because when I am laying next to a woman,  I want to feel her BODY just as much as I want to feel her spirit!

So the next time you hear someone try to defile the body and say you should be MORE spirit than flesh and that the body is a prison or coffin,  tell them to put a hot rock in their temple so they then can be ALL SPIRIT!


Power to the Goddamn People!

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