The definition of Consciousness in  dictionary form is…”Aware of,  responding to one’s surroundings”.  Now of course this is a basic form of what consciousness means,  so I am going to go deeper and make it metaphysical in meaning.  I also am going to dedicate this particular blog to the ” so called conscious community” in the form of critique,  because some of what I see that is being spread in the name of being conscious,  is on some bullshit.  The conscious community is slowly turning into the goddamn Church!  Negro’s out here trying to show themselves as special and having some X-MEN type of skills that separates them from the masses of the people.

Like a goddamn Pastor,  they present themselves as close to the spirit world and you must come to them or their fucking class to get this esoteric wisdom.  Now of course some of us have studied our ancient wisdom longer than others,  but that don’t make that negro closer to the ancestors than you.  If you look at the great ones like Dr. Ben,  Dr. Clark,  Dr. Van Sertima,  they didn’t have no damn classes  that required you to pay in order for you to get the wisdom,  and they never presented themselves as being special apart from you.  I don’t denounce someone trying to be an entrepreneur,  just not the pimping on the backs of black people.

Back to the definition,  to be aware and respond to one’s surroundings. The definition is very vague and ambiguous,  to be aware of WHAT?  Our Ancestors gave us one instruction,  and only one….KNOW THY SELF!  This is what we have to be AWARE OF.  I listen to lectures and speakers of ALL kinds,  and hear the most outlandish shit just to convey how special they are.  ” Me and Michael Jackson speak all the time”.  I spoke to Mandela,  spaceships picking niggas up,  and the remarkable thing about all of it,  they can never reproduce the shit or perform it in front of someone.   Its the same religious shit when one says ‘God came to me or spoke to them”.  Its always alone when this so called goddamn conversation takes place.  So when someone from the “conscious community” says they spoke to a spirit,  been on a UFO,  been to other planets,  I suck my teeth to shit like that until you can put the shit in my hand,  get the fuck out my face!

Now, now, now I know what you’re about to say,  I have read some of your posts and you speak of the spirit world on many occasions,  so what about that negro?  True, true, true but let me clarify…..All that shit is mental!  Again and again and again and again,  the FIRST LAW of Djehuti is ALL IS MENTAL,  ALL IS MIND!  There are No Ancestors out there,  there are No Gods out there.  Whatever you see,  whatever you FEEL,  that shit is ALL MIND.  Now I had a DREAM I spoke to Malcolm on SEVERAL occasions,  and he gave me some PERSONAL instructions,  now did I REALLY speak to Malcolm,  or was the shit ALL in my mind?  I also had a conversation with Dr. Khallid,  but again the shit was all mental.  I am not trying to convince you that I am doing some shit that people do EVERYDAY.  This is the problem I have with those in the conscious community,  they are trying to convince you that they possess some ancient wisdom that you must come to them to PAY for.

You ever notice that these so called negro guru’s never have a conversation with Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer,  its always someone they admire,  letting you know the shit is always subjective.  Why have they not spoken to Charlie Brown of Santa Claus?  Because your MIND makes it REAL,  and on some conscious level we pick and choose what’s REAL to us.  I was in the church for over 20 years,  and I have never caught the Holy Ghost…not ONE time,  now why is that?  Those that do CATCH the Holy Ghost [how the fuck do you catch a holy ghost} anyway,  they never catch his ass at the bank or at the grocery store…why?  Because your MIND makes the shit REAL while you are in a SAFE environment called CHURCH!  In part two I will go further into what is being conscious and what is the responsibility of those of us who SAY we are conscious and what that responsibility is to those who are still sleep.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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