In part one I went over how dogma and religious indoctrination shape our mental projection of what we believe is a spirit.  The indoctrination has been so thorough that if I ask you right now to picture God,  it would be a white man with a grey beard.  Now who the fuck taught you that?  As children I expect our imagination to run wild about the spirit world,  but we should NOT be thinking the same damn way about the spirit world as adults as we did as children.  For me it has to be relative and it has to be AFRICAN.  You telling me about the spaceships and Martians don’t have shit to do with me as an African.   I am not denying the existence,  I am just saying the nigga never came to my house,  so lets chop it up over shit I can relate to in my life on this Earth.

So go read part one  so we can connect in this part two.  The Law of Correspondence,  As Above-  So Below,  as I said it has many meanings  but this subject is the Unseen and Spirit world so we will go in that direction.  If we all have a physical body,  then we must have a spiritual body also,  as above so below.  But we must elevate our thinking,  it cant be some little man that lives inside of us that floats out when we die,  the shit is childish.   I am the PHYSICAL embodiment in the contemporary time of an Ancient African woman.  I am talking the first human to walk, think and speak on planet earth was an African Woman,  I am not going into detail or argue with anyone on this archeological and historical fact,  you have no evidence of any other human older than her so lets move the fuck on.  So I am a physical representation of her,  within my DNA is her DNA,  and within my DNA is her soul, spirit, and her spiritual essence which is connected to my MIND!  So her ancient thoughts are within me,  and THIS IS THE UNSEEN AND SPIRIT WORLD!

This is the UNSEEN CONNECTED TO THE SEEN!  But if you looking in fucking space for your spirit,  you miss the damn connection you should be having.  So when I read about this mythological creature called Jesus saying “What I hear,  I speak”.  I know exactly what he is saying,  his physical brain which encompasses his mind,  is connected to the Unseen world,  but he doesn’t hear shit from outside of self,  it comes from within.  Now of course crazy ass fools hear voices all the time,  I cant speak on them,  only you can answer this question ” Is what I am hearing from the ancestors,  or am I just crazy as hell?”  Because if anyone who believes in an Abraham,  is crazy as fuck.  He heard God tell him to take his only son and stab him in the goddamn chest to prove to God that he loved him.  Really?  Really?  What kind of crazy, demented, insecure, bitch ass God are you serving that would make such a request?  But this is the Father of ALL 3 of the Western religions,  and religious people in all 3 will rationalize this crazy shit.

When the book says that the heavens opened up,  and Jesus heard the voice of God,  it is not talking about a literal beaming voice that everyone could hear.  Its speaking of the Mind connection with the Unseen world that’s coming from within.   The heavens opening up is an OPENED MIND that is unfettered by religious dogma and is capable of receiving higher wisdom.  So its OPENED AND CONNECTED to ancient wisdom that pre dates the contemporary body,  and depending on how conscious you are,  will depend on the VOLUME  of the voice.   ASE’ ASE’ ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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