Now we all have heard of these concepts of the Spirit World and the Unseen,  However,  of course our minds have been polluted with the indoctrination of Religion.  So when this subject comes up,  we resort to what we BELIEVE from our religious dogma.  To be honest,  it lacks any evidence of HIGHER thinking but is rich in childish imagination.  I say that not to impugn the intelligence of someone’s belief,  but sometimes we just have to fucking THINK!  Here are the nominees….Something that LOOKS like a BODY,  but is transparent.  It lives INSIDE you but it doesn’t come out UNTIL YOU DIE.  You have never seen it,  but its SHAPED like a body.  When it comes to the spirit world,  these are our thoughts that we believe with no hesitation.  I mean if you re-read them,  they sound like a goddamn Batman/Riddler riddle that you have to figure out.

If I am to be honest,  my thesis is not founded on EMPERICAL evidence either,  but my thesis is ALWAYS rooted in the Ancestors {Who DID exist at one time} and is always rooted in the viability and integrity of the SELF.  There is NOTHING out there in space but SPACE that has any viability for you as an African.  Let me say that again,  there is NOTHING out there in fucking space that is RELATIVE to you as an African!  I know there are  the stars that represent Ausar,  and the 3 stars that represent the 3 Great pyramids,  and Sirius A/B that the Dogon tribe speak of.  There is nothing wrong with studying the constellations,  ALL the ancients did it,  but you live HERE on earth and this is where your black ass is going to die at.

Lets just entertain the bullshit for a moment,  even if there were a Billion planets out there that could sustain life,  you are NOT going there ever!  So who gives a fuck about a Martian or a pyramid on Mars or the moon.  This is where you will live and die,  so make your spiritual system RELATIVE to WHO, WHAT AND WHERE YOU LIVE!  I know some of you have heard we are ALL Space dust from billions of years ago and everything is ONE.  Don’t that shit sound cool?  Now what can you do with that bullshit?  How did that knowledge raise your consciousness as an African that lives on a planet dominated by European thought?  Your spirituality has to DEAL with the world you are born in,  and you telling me about some fucking space dust is not going to do it.

So back to the subject of the Spirit and Unseen World,  so when your so-called holy books speak of God,  your elementary MIND goes straight to a WHITE MAN with a GREY beard,  now as an African we can just STOP right there,  but let us progress,  so he is a SPIRIT but he has a GREY beard?  And lets not forget the WHITE robe,  now I have said on many occasions,  what the fuck does a spirit need with a robe?  Anyway back to the beard,  if it is grey that means he is getting OLDER,  and if he is getting OLDER then he will EVENTUALLY DIE,  that is the natural progression.  Now you cant have the shit both ways,  he is OLD with a grey beard but he never dies,  make up your damn mind.  I just want us to THINK when it comes to our religious indoctrination and not be so credulous out of so called piety.

So my thesis of African spirituality  is rooted in our ancient African ancestors.  In ancient Kemet one of the Laws of the God Dejuhti was the Law of Correspondence.  As Above,  So Below.  It has many meanings on many levels,  so lets go in this direction,  if you have a Physical Body then it has to be CONNECTED to a Spiritual Body,  or an INVISABLE Body….As Above So Below.  But its NOT something in the sky or OUTSIDE of the SELF,  its YOU!  Its ALWAYS been YOU.  When I say SPIRITUAL BODY,  that actually is a misnomer which I will break down in part two.  But rest assure it is not a Body that is transparent or lives in you like a little man,  but it is CONNECTED to the Physical and resides in the SELF.  We will make the Spiritual Unseen connection in part two/  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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