The Ego prevents the Human Being from reaching higher forms of mental vibration.  The Heart Chakra is a HIGH spiritual vibration,  but there is no way to reach such a level if you are dominated by the ego.  Let me first say we ALL have an ego,  its impossible not to have one.  It is formed as a PROTECTIVE MEASURE when we feel there may be the “potential” we may get hurt by someone who has an influence over us.  It comes out of the law of SELF PRESERVATION,  but on a low and animal level.

When we believe someone has power or influence over us,  our ego says “I am protected,  you cant hurt me”.  Its always false and its never the REAL YOU.  However,  we pawn it off as if this is the real representative of who we are.  Rich people who have become in debt,  produce an ego.  Pretty women who are really insecure about themselves,  produce an ego.  Men with big mouths or like to show off in the gym,  produce an ego to HIDE their own insecurities.  Its a false sense of SELF trying to desperately portray to the world that THIS is who I really am.

This is ALL dominated by the Lower Self and due to this one cant elevate the SELF to higher vibrations.  This is why in Ancient Kemet when one died they threw away the BRAIN but kept the HEART!  They didn’t give a fuck how smart you were,  because that can be demented by the Ego.  The Ancient African wanted to know what was the CONDITION OF YOUR HEART.  So when you see pictures of Jesus [who was a MYTH] but to make my point,  when you see pictures of Jesus,  some show an EXPOSED Heart and a halo around his head.  On a metaphysical level,  this is a very powerful picture on many levels.  In one sense it says “I am a FULLY ILLUMINATED Human and my Heart is FULLY FUNCTIONAL on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL”.

Showing the Heart has nothing to do with a physical heart beat,  it means when you are in my PRESENCE you FEEL my Heart rhythm and Energy.  It also means if my Heart Chakra is vibrating then my Throat Chakra is activated,  because when I speak IT CUTS into the fog of your Mental.  My Pineal Gland is resonating,  because when you see me smile you see LIGHT emanating from me.  Look at a picture of Malcolm smiling,  and tell me you don’t see LIGHT emanating from the Ancestor.

There is nothing wrong with an Ego,  we ALL have one,  but to be AWARE that we have one and when it does start to awaken in us, that we are cognizant of it.  That we are aware it is a FALSE perception of the SELF,  so we don’t let it dominate the spiritual psyche.  I am being repetitive with the word AWARE because many of us are UNAWARE or ignorant we are doing this because our EGO BECOMES THE REAL BEING.  I have said many times….. THE MIND MAKES IT REAL!

So when this happens,  our spiritual SELF,  STAYS on a Low vibrational level and this becomes the NORM and anything outside of this norm becomes a struggle and this is where our Spirit now resides.  Do not let the Ego dominate the SELF,  you can use it when its appropriate,  then put it away when it is not needed and RAISE that vibration to the Heart Chakra……and Beyond.


Power to the Goddamn People!

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