THE HEAVEN CONCEPT {The other side, part 2}


Now as I always say when I have two series,  to go back and read part one so you can understand my mental constructs and how I am coming to certain conclusions as we tie up things in part two.  Our Heaven concept had to come from some origin,  and that ORIGIN had to be wrapped in “Mythology”.  Why do I say that?  Because heaven is just a CONCEPT,  that’s  ALL it is,  and a concept is just an IDEA of what it is or COULD BE.  So since its just and idea with NO PROOF it had to come from Mythology.  As I said in part one,  we are going to go past the SLAVE mind manipulation taught to African people to make them more DOCILE by giving them a doctrine about some shit in the SKY where you live with WHITE Jesus.  We are going to focus on the CONCEPT and its origin.  Unlike Religion,  in spirituality we ALL have to find our OWN WAY,  so if you disagree with my thesis I am totally fine with that,  if you agree then BUILD onto it with your own additions.

For me Mythology has to be the origin of the Heaven Concept,  However,  that concept came from our Dreams and based on our particular CULTURE,  we took our dreams and built a Wonderland where our love ones go after death,  but our Wonderland had to be BUILT around something that is FAMILIAR to what we do in our LIVING STATE [THIS PART IS SO CRITICAL}  So in Heaven or the Other Side there is a Mansion with singing and White Robes {why a spirit would need a robe I will never know} also streets of GOLD, all familiar shit we know of as living beings,  isn’t that interesting?  In Ancient Kemet they would put the Lungs, Heart, Intestines, Stomach in Canopic Jars because in the Next Life you would need them,  along with some riches,  but this was the CULTURE that was wrapped in the mythology.  I went to see a movie about Two Sharks that was terrorizing and killing a group of teenagers,  that same night I dreamt about Two large Spiders chasing me and terrorizing the community,  now was this dream a SIGN that was given to me and I should study what does two spiders represent in mythology “OR” was it my OWN MIND being subjectively stimulated by the movie I just saw?  No one fucking knows because EVERYTHING IS BELIEF!

If you notice in ALL DREAMS the deceased comes back in the LIKENESS THAT YOU LAST REMEMBERED THEM,  now isn’t that interesting.  This is the LAST PICTURE you have in your MIND of them.  So it is in religion,  when one BELIEVES after their death they will see Grandma or a Spouse,  they are NOT looking for grandma when she was a BABY.  If they died at the age of 80,  they are NOT  looking for their spouse at the age of 15,  they are looking for an old wrinkled woman JUST LIKE THEM.  Why is your mind playing tricks on you like this?  This is ALL you know, and in Western Religion thru DREAMS we have BUILT a particular CULTURE that has been indoctrinated in us so thoroughly that OUR MINDS have made this REAL!  You believe that when you die and go to heaven,  your mind is FIXATED on your love one looking EXACTLY like the LAST TIME you saw them?  Now lets just ASSUME Heaven is real,  if I die at 90,  why the fuck would I want to be in that vessel for ETERNITY?  So when my loved ones get there they WANT  to see me at 90 years of age….Fuck that,  I want to be 25 or 30!  I am sure  that Elvis is ” NOW IN HEAVEN” {FOH}  he doesn’t want to be fat, bloated, smoked out Elvis,  he wants to be that one on the goddamn postage stamp.

But look at the Mythology here in the Western World,  not only are you looking for something that you are FAMILIAR with,  grandma, spouse, children but you are also looking for someone to be TRANSPARENT WITH WHITE ROBES.  If they are transparent,  why do they need a damn Robe?  Because this is the Mythology and the Culture that has been branded in your psyche to believe.  When you finally see Jesus,  you are ACTUALLY expecting to see this nigga with NAIL HOLES in his hand….I mean you are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS!  Your mind is dominated by nostalgia,  so Heaven CANT be just a bunch of damn LIGHT OR ENERGY,  no you want to SEE grandma,  and you say this in your language “One day I will SEE HER again”.  But this is your MIND subjectively doing this and this Western Culture feeds the shit.  When your love ones died,  did you see a BODY looking spirit come up out of them?  Then who the fuck told you that’s what they LOOK LIKE?  Movies, Books, Pastor and yes DREAMS!  But the only reason your dreams manufactured these images is because they were stimulated by what you SAW in the Culture,  and your MIND filled in the spaces.

So its all a CONCEPT,  that comes from MYTHOLOGY.  In Ancient Kemet the CONCEPT was AFTER DEATH,  your deeds while you LIVED was judged against the weight of an ostrich feather,  if your HEART was heavier than the feather your soul went to the abyss,  if it was Lighter it merged again with your Spirit and Ausar allowed you to enter into paradise and you needed your organs and wealth because it was a CONTINUATION of THIS LIFE,  but in a different realm,  its just a CONCEPT.  However,  the REAL wisdom in the mythology was to LIVE CLEAN while you LIVE,  make sure your HEART stays LIGHT from evil and wrong doing,  and any MESSAGE you get during your dreams,  parallel that with the CULTURE and let that be your guide.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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