THE HEAVEN CONCEPT {The Other Side part 1]


A lot of talk about the HEREAFTER,  but the very word indicates AFTER a certain EVENT.  After this monumental event,  eventually you still will be RIGHT HERE.  the believe in Reincarnation means you will CONTINUALLY be coming back to Earth,  life after life until you learn the lessons of the PREVIOUS life.  Now of course all this shit is purely hypothetical and speculation,  I don’t give a damn how deep these so called gurus talk,  how the hell can one prove someone comes back AGAIN AND AGAIN?  Now for me and I can only speak for me,  I have to use Metaphysics in my spirituality.  I practice Reincarnation EVERYDAY.  Some of my hero’s are Malcolm, Garvey, Harriet and Khallid.  So everyday I study their way of life or teachings and TRY and incorporate their MIND into mine and THIS is Reincarnation for me!  Not no SPOOKY SHIT about coming back from space and jumping into a baby’s SOUL or a goddamn butterfly and starting all over again……but that’s just ME.  Now let me be clear,  the Ancestors are not ABOVE criticism, when I try and incorporate the MIND and ESSENCE of my hero’s into my daily lifestyle,  their religious beliefs I totally reject.  I am interested in their courage, their strength against an enemy and their unrelenting force to see African people FREE!  That I want to Reincarnate.

But in religion and in Kemetic mythology,  you leave Earth and go to a DIFFERENT PLACE.  One has to understand that Modern Day religion comes from ancient Mythology,  this point has to be FULLY UNDERSTOOD to contemplate an Other Side.  When you don’t understand mythology and think about Heaven in a verbatim state of mind,  you become an astronaut and go into space like you are a Marvel superhero and your system of belief becomes very cartoonish.  So modern day religion says AFTER YOU DIE [very important} there is a place UP IN THE SKY that you will live pain free and age less.  Now if any of you have been following my posts you have heard me RANT on this madness many times so I am not going to labor this point.  We are going to go pass the OBVIOUS  mental manipulation to teach this THEORY to a SLAVE who hopes and prays for such a life after LIVING such a hellish one.  We are going to stay focused on the theory itself.  So since it came from mythology we cant take it verbatim and must look into the MYTHOLOGY for answers.  This belief had to come from our DREAMS!  In ancient times when a loved one died,  I am sure our DREAMS were more vivid and we RELIED on dreams more than we do now.  I am sure we dreamt our love one came to us and SPOKE to us from this dream.  From our CULTURAL IDENTITY,  we then CONSTRUCTED  A MYTHOLOGY from our dreams of a LIFE AFTER DEATH.  This shit is not hard to understand how the Mythology and the Culture made a nexus in our belief system,  but when the European came among the African,  they made the MYTH REAL and missed the MAGIK that’s resides in the Myth.

There is a STORY [Myth} of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who had a DREAM that his father who had recently died came to him in his dream.  In the dream he INSTRUCTED him how to govern with equity and who his ENEMIES were.  Now even though this is a story,  I am sure this actually happened and since dreams were PART of the Culture in antiquity,  the person actually believed this was happening in REAL TIME and this was his father or mother giving prudent instructions to them,  I myself have had dreams with certain instructions and I have followed them and BENEFITED from them,  but this is NOT about dreams necessarily but about this ABODE called Heaven,  because we don’t know if OUR DREAMS are actually just constructs from our OWN MIND that give us information from the subconscious part of the mind that becomes ACTIVE during sleep.  Its ALL BELIEF isn’t it?  So in part two we will go into when someone DOES COME to us in our sleep,  what IMAGE do we construct?  How the hell did you come up with THAT IMAGE?  The mind is very powerful and we have been CONDITIONED for 30, 40, 70 years to mentally construct a certain image of what Heaven is,  what Angels are “supposed” to look like and if we did see our loved ones,  this is what I am EXPECTING to see.  Part two soon.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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