MEDITATION FOR AUSET {The African Woman] part 2


This is part two of the meditation for Auset,  a form a meditation that is primarily for African women but can be used for all women.  Please read part ONE and also the Meditation for Heru,  dedicated to the African Male,  so you can get the understanding of the story and also the PARTICULAR techniques that will help you in part two.   We left off where you as the Queen has found your Ausar [The African Man} lying dead on a slab,  he has missing body parts and you have come to realize THE EVIL ONE has cut up his body and spread them across the planet and universe.  You as the REAL extra terrestrial,  have gotten in your Spaceship [The Mind} to go and search for your Kings missing body parts.  Your King has to be REMEMBERED AGAIN,  and only YOU his Queen,  has the ABILITY to do such a feat.  Now this is all part of the mythology,  but while I am explaining this mythology as I said in part one,  your eyes are closed and you are concentrating on your breathing which is from the STOMACH and not the chest.  They are slow and deliberate and the inhale is equal to the exhale. {MAAT}

As you Astral Travel this planet and universe,  you finally find your Kings body parts, {take your time with this, as this will lengthen the meditation time} So you have carefully REMEMBERED and meticulously attached every missing part,  but your King is missing his Phallus.  This is the only body part you were unable to locate. I know some of you sisters are saying ” That was the FIRST thing I would have searched for”.  So now you have to fashion a GOLDEN PENIS for your King.  Now remember you are going to IMPREGNANT SELF,  so you have to fashion that penis Strong and Erect!  Your MISSION is to produce a KING that can SIT DOWN the evil one.  As you mentally see yourself during the meditation fashioning the GOLDEN PENIS,  feel the kundalini energy rising from your base chakra to your Pineal Gland,  now sisters you may get AROUSED but that shit is perfectly normal.  After you have fashioned it,  place it on your King.  Then see yourself TURN INTO A BIRD and float above your King.  Again make sure your are concentrating on your breathing,  if they become more rapid this is normal.  This is the reason the meditation for the sisters are in a sitting erect position because just as in the mythology story,  she will float ABOVE her King as he is laying in a SUPINE position awaiting her connection.

FEEL that kundalini energy RISE higher and higher,  as the cadence of your breathing may increase,  make sure its still coming from the stomach.  Visualize your whole DOME GLOWING,  visualize the whole room glowing…..stay THERE for a moment and enjoy this feeling and connection you are having with the universe and your KING!  Your WOMB [MIND] is becoming FULL,  your kingDOME is FULL of light and you sense and intense energy coursing through you,  let it resonate in you and through you.  When you are ready,  let the energy come down and normalize your breathing cadence.  Now its time to come out of the Ritual,  see yourself coming UP from the bottom elevator {explained in part one} or RISING from the floor of the ocean to the top.  You don’t come up fast but little by little,  like the SUN coming up on a new day.  Again you never forget your control over your breathing and as you get to the top of the elevator or you are now floating on top of the ocean…. you open your eyes.  This my dear sisters is the Meditation for Auset,  hope you enjoyed.   ASE’ ASE’  ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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