Meditation for Auset {The African Woman} PART ONE


This is a form of meditation that is styled for the African Woman in PARTICULAR but any woman in general.  I have ALREADY did a form of meditation styled for the African Man,  it is called “Meditation from Heru”,  please read this one if you are Male or you want to give some insight for your male significant other.  So for the sisters you need to carve out at least 30 minutes of your time for this meditation.  No music necessary,  but I do highly recommend your favorite incense that resonates with your spirit.  In the African male version he was laying FLAT and I explain why in that blog,  but in the woman’s version you will be sitting UPRIGHT.  Legs doesn’t need to be in a yoga or lotus form,  just something comfortable for you.  The more comfortable the more you can concentrate.  You are sitting upright to compliment the condition of your King,  and in the ritual I will explain why you are doing the meditation in this position based on the mythology story.

So for this to work MENTALLY for the woman,  you have to know the story of Auset {Isis} and Ausar {Osirius}  So I wont go into detail of the story,  but it would be great homework for the African mind.  So sisters in your mind picture yourself as the African Queen Auset,  your eyes are closed and you see your husband Ausar laying on a slab.  I  don’t want to sound morbid so picture him asleep,  but in the mythology he is deceased.  Sisters if you are single,  just manufacture from darkness like the Goddess NU and PRODUCE a Man like she did with Atum.  Picture your man with ALL the attributes that you want and like in a man,  and make him your Ausar.  So now the Ritual,  your eyes are closed,  you have your image of your King that YOU MUST resurrect.  Deep breathing from the STOMACH,  not the chest.  Slow and deliberate,  the same time it takes you to INHALE,  take that amount of time to EXHALE. [Balance and Maat}

The tools I use to get deep into my meditation,  the first 5 minutes I visualize myself in either an elevator that is going down and the further it goes down the deeper I get into the meditation.  Or I visualize myself laying on top of the ocean and I slowly sink to the ocean floor,  the closer I get to the ocean floor,  the deeper into the meditation I get.  Once I am at the bottom floor of the elevator or ocean,  I begin the ritual.  This is just an example,  but sisters use whatever motif you like to get you deeper into the meditation.  Now this whole time you are still concentrating on your breathing and the scent of the incense calms you even more.  Now your King is formless,  the evil one has cut him up into pieces and scattered him throughout the planet and you as his Queen must retrieve ALL his body parts and REMEMBER your King.  So as you are meditating you are Astral Traveling also,  your ESSENCE is land scaping the planet and the universe looking for the missing parts of your husband.  Now take your time to locate all his missing members because this will lengthen out your meditation time.

Your breathing is still consistent and you are breathing thru your stomach and not your chest.  You finally find ALL your husbands body parts and you start the process of REMEMBERING your King back to life.  We will finish the meditation ritual in part two and put the whole thing together.


Power to the goddamn People!


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