This is part two of REAL MAGIK,  please read part ONE to get an idea of my format of what Magik is to me.  Anytime you are attempting to manipulate Time, Space and Matter,  you are in the act of practicing magik.  Magik is ancient, it is real not fiction.  It is powerful and like anything,  the more you do it the better the you will be at it.  However,  the more conscious you are, the more POWERFUL your Magik!  I have several books on magik,  but I only use them to get IDEAS and tips.  The most POWERFUL magik is what YOU conjure up.  Its almost like Hip Hop,  you can listen to another rappers lyrics,  but you must put your OWN spin on it and not bite his rap verbatim.  Again you cant be afraid of magik or you wont engage it with the confidence that it requires.  In part ONE I mentioned that you were the Magician and to google the IMAGE of the Magician on the tarot card.  You will see one hand up and one hand down.  This has many meanings on many levels,  but I turn it AFRICAN,  my premise is you ALWAYS have to turn your spirituality PERSONAL and unique to SELF.

To me the hand direction up and down means UPPER AND LOWER Kemet.  But not the physical land mass,  but the upper and lower of Self.  I am the magician and I have control and order of my UPPER AND LOWER SELF.  One hand touches the universe and one hand touches the Earth,  meaning I control both MIND AND BODY!  On the card you will see different TOOLS of the magician,  I have ALL THE TOOLS I need to control upper and lower Kemet.  Tools for protection, tools for defense, tools for offense and tools for creation and destruction.  I have all I need to create Magik.  One of the GREATEST forms of magik,  and really on some Dark Side shit is the Eucharist. When I say DARK SIDE,  I don’t mean EVIL.  I mean ENERGY,  evil is totally SUBJECTIVE and a religious construct,  just needed to clarify that part.  So you have a piece of bread and say this is the BODY of a GOD.  Then you have a drink and say this is the BLOOD of the GOD.  So you go thru this RITUAL of EATING AND DRINKING the BODY AND BLOOD of your god and you think this ACT actually CHANGES who you are.  Now, now, now tell me this shit isn’t Magik,  and magik on some high level shit!  But you SANITIZE the shit because you in church,  but this SAME ritual can be used for many reasons,  nefarious and good,  just change the names and the INTENT.

Of course the Christian is going to say that the Eucharist is not practicing magik,  that it is godly,  but in the same goddam breath will condemn Voodoo because of the sacrifice of a goat or a chicken.  How do you think that steak or chicken got on your damn plate?  The act is the same,  except in voodoo its a ritual,  so you feel holy because at least what you are eating was not done by YOUR HANDS,  so you want the benefit from it but just not the work.  Back to the Eucharist being magik,  so we have in part ONE the three facets of Magik.  The Act or Ritual,  the Intent and the Sending of the intent.  Of course one will say, ” Well that is YOUR description of what Magik is”.  Well then please give me YOUR description of what magik is and lets parallel that to the whole Eucharist ritual and see if it comes close.

What is the ACT/RITUAL?  You get your cracker, bread, wafer or whatever the hell they use, and in your MIND this is the body of Jesus.  Then you get some juice or wine and say this is his BLOOD [really nigga]  The INTENT,  you believe that by partaking of the RITUAL this will change who you are and make you CLOSER to Jesus.  Then the Pastor says a PRAYER and everyone partakes of Christs body and blood and this ACT of their INTENT is immediately SENT into the universe.  So what the fuck do you think you just did in the CHURCH but practicing MAGIK!  But now that you are conscious and AWAKE,  understand that you are the Magician.  That you need NO ONE to intercede on your behalf.  Whatever you want,  understand the universe is MENTAL!  So what you want, create a RITUAL,  make clear of your INTENT and SEND THAT ENERGY into the universe.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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