REAL MAGIK { part one}


Real Magik is being practiced ALL the time,  even by religious folks who condemn the shit as evil.  Things that we do all the time and think as mundane,  is actually practicing magik.  As far as ancient Kemet,  of course it is prudent to study the historical aspect of ancient Kemet,  it fact that is mandatory in order to know what religion has stolen and plagiarized.  However, to disregard that magik was a MAJOR part of the culture of Kemet is like making a cake without any damn sugar.  How palatable is the cake with no sugar?  How palatable is the study of ancient Kemet without acknowledging the magik?  There are 3 facets of magik,  one is to create a scenario or act,  most times called a ritual.  Two decide what your INTENT of the magik act is for,  and finally SEND that intent into the universe,  as the SEED of the upcoming fruition.  I say SEND your intent into the universe because the first law of Djehuti is ALL IS MIND!

Now what are the things that we commonly do but in actuality we are practicing a FORM of magik.  Blowing out candles for a birthday…..Is practicing magik.  Back to the three facets again.  Creating a scenario,  you have brought a cake and you have put CANDLES on the cake [Ritual]  Two the Intent,  you CLOSE you eyes and make a WISH.  Lastly you SEND that intent into the universe by blowing out the candles… Nigga you practicing Magik!  You don’t associate it with magik because you in religion and its all fun and games,  you can call it what you want but that is a form of magik.  A WISHbone on a turkey that you and another person grab one part of it {Ritual} both of you CLOSE your eyes and make a WISH [Intent]  then you PULL the bone apart and SEND that intent into the universe.  What is that?  Is that Jesus nigga?  Muhammad teach you that?

No you are not using Linear thinking,  you are not using rationale thinking.  You are not saving up money or going to school to get what you want,  you are not using calculated thought,  no you are using magik to bring what you want into fruition by trying to manipulate MATTER AND TIME…..THATS IS MAGIK!  A bride turning around and throwing flowers over her shoulder and the woman who grabs them is supposed to be the next woman married is magik.  A group of people laying hands on someone who is sick and WISHING them well by SPEAKING IN TONGUE is fucking Magik!  Did you give that person any medication?  Did you perform surgery on them?  No you are attempting to manipulate matter {which is the sick body} and trying to draw something out in an expediate amount of time.  The Ritual is the circle of people around the person,  you know what your Intent is and you Send your intent into the universe.  I don’t give a fuck whose NAME you use,  people will say ” I am using the name of Christ”  the name doesn’t change the ACT negro,  someone else can say Satan or goddamn Yoda,  its still Magik.

People say all the time ” Be careful for what you WISH for”  that statement is verifying to the subconscious mind that IT IS NOT GOD,  but the SELF connected to the universe,  can bring about what you THINK into fruition,  which means that YOU ARE the Magician.  In the tarot cards {google the image The Magician}  I have that shit blown up and framed and have it among my MANY other motifs in my Ancestral  area in my home. Every African person should have a HOLY PLACE  with pictures of your ancestors { family or non family} and SYMBOLS that are not necessarily HUMAN but resonate with your soul.  I have some crazy shit hanging up,  try to embrace shit OUTSIDE your comfort zone and let you MIND normalize it.  Back to that Magician tarot card, most times the image will be a Caucasian,  but when you transfer the image to the mind,  you can turn anything into African.  The image with ONE arm pointing up and one DOWN has many meanings,  but make it African.  YOU are the magician,  we will go over the meanings in part two.


Power to the goddamn People!

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