This is part two where I am going to attempt to TURN you from a Serpent into a goddamn Dragon.  Please read part one so you can connect the dots of what I am trying to say.  I ended part one in saying that to go INSIDE and seek the SELF that is hidden,  you must not be afraid of the goddamn DARK SIDE!  Imagine a world where there was NEVER Night.  Night is a necessity,  it is part of the BALANCE.  For some of us when nighttime comes it is a time for rest,  and for some of us this is when shit goes down.  Now lets take that last statement and lets go metaphysical.  In the Star Wars saga Darth Vader ONLY knew the Dark side and the Jedi ONLY knew the Light side of the Force,  but Yoda knew BOTH,  he was more advanced than all them.  Now when I say Dark Side I am NOT talking about some evil shit,  Evil anyway is a RELIGIOUS construct,  has no base in reality.  I may use it to describe a person or a people,  but that is to drive the point home and to speak in a language that the masses understand.  However back to my point,  when it comes to the Dark Side,  some people like Nighttime just want to sleep on it,  but some of us know it is ALL ENERGY BASED,  so there are some who want the shit to go down!  But if you are AFRAID,  you wont approach it with the confidence to access it.  It is like approaching a woman,  she knows thru your ENERGY if you are confident or intimidated,  which will decide on whether you will have access.

Despite the religious dogma,  the word Lucifer means LIGHT BRINGER,  its root word Lucent means CLEAR OR LIGHT.  This is who you must become… THE LIGHT BRINGER and one Clear of Mind!  Now again if your MIND is steeped in religious dogma then these WORDS are going to bother you and you may as well stop reading now because the shit only gets worse.  It is the same for the word SATAN,  in the bible he was described as the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR,  which is EXACTLY how Jesus was described.  In metaphysics Satan and Saturn are one and the same.  The planet Saturn has a RING around it,  this ring represents  a highly illuminated individual.  When you see pictures of Jesus there is a RING around his head,  that nigga is SATAN,  he is the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR,  again this is who YOU ARE,  the LIGHT BRINGER!  So stop being scared of a goddamn WORD. Now let me be clear, A DEVIL IS NOT SATAN. The word Satan is metaphysical but DEVIL is a goddamn ENEMY, a Devil is an ADVERSARY! {and you know who I am talking about} Now that we have all that cleared up, There is a story in Genesis of a SERPENT,  but by the time it gets to Revelations it is a DRAGON!  What does this mean?  Religion has you scared of both of them.  The WHOLE book is talking about the RISING consciousness of the human psyche and the kundalini energy rising to the Pineal Gland,  but you reading the book like a fucking history lesson and MISSING THE HIDDEN CHRIST OF SELF!

The consciousness of the Human family has fallen so LOW that if you say I am NOT LOOKING for or waiting on Christ,  I am in the process of BECOMING CHRIST!  People will SERIOUSLY believe that you are mentally deranged,  but to believe that a man ACTUALLY lives in a GATED community in space,  now that shit is completely logical.  So back to this Serpent TO Dragon,  this is the EVOLUTION of the MIND.  the rising of consciousness to Christ Consciousness.  In consciousness we are like the SERPENT,  we are MOVING but we have a LOW center of gravity and we slither on the GROUND.  We are SMALL in our thinking and our WORDS may or may not have any VENOM in them.  But as you attain knowledge,  you BECOME something else.  You start to take on WINGS and you BECOME A FIRE BREATHER!  A snake is something you see everyday,  in fact I run into snakes every fucking day,  but Dragons are legends,  one has to go on a quest to find a Dragon.  As you TRANSFORM from Serpent to Dragon,  you take on wings and you SOAR above ignorant shit and people.  You have a LAIR that is inaccessible to the average human { I hope you getting this shit} you reside ON HIGH on top of a MOUNTAIN.  What is this mountain?  The HIGHER the mountain the THINNER the air,  so everyone will not put in the EFFORT to get to the top of the mountain,  this is why Dragons are of legends.

When you look at the staff of Djehuti,  it is TWO serpents that travel up the staff.  The Staff here represents the SPINAL CANAL and the RISING SERPENTS are the kundalini energy on its way UP THE MOUNTAIN to the Pineal Gland.  This is where the Dragon resides,  he that was a Serpent is now a Dragon.  In  some Martial Arts, once you BECOME a Black Belt you BECOME A DRAGON.  Bruce Lee’s “ENTER THE DRAGON”,  Bruce Lee was the goddamn DRAGON.  As a White Belt you are a Serpent,  but when you BECOME a Black Belt…now ENTERS THE DRAGON!  As a Dragon out of your mouth will be FIRE.  Why Fire?  In African spirituality and mythology,  fire was for PURIFICATION!  So when you SPEAK fire comes out and you PURIFY the MINDS of the ignorant.  This is who you MUST BE,  this is who you potentially are.  You can NEVER be this under religion because someone ELSE is the goddamn Dragon and you are the Serpent who FOLLOWS.  Your DESTINY awaits you,  who are you and what will you BECOME?  The answers to these questions can only be solved by the SELF.  Either by the acquisition of knowledge or the LACK there of.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!


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