MAAT is an African Law of Culture that means Balance, Harmony and Reciprocity.  There is NO NEED for this manufactured European concept called LOVE  when you have Maat.  Since English is a bastard language, meaning it has no origin of itself,  it is a compilation of other and much older languages.  So the word Love has its origin in English so its manufactured and its ambiguous,  it can mean a myriad of things and still have no definition.  It is said that chemically it has the same effect on the psyche as good chocolate.  So in African culture we CREATED something more substantive…..MAAT!  You are intelligent enough to know if something is in Harmony,  You know when things are in Balance and innately you know that you should give back to people what you receive.  So Maat is an intangible that paradoxically you can measure!  Maat has 42 Laws,  I don’t have time to go over all 42 but this will be good homework to research them if you have never heard of the 42 Laws of MAAT.

Each law begins with I HAVE NOT,  now this is VERY important and we will go over why later,  but when the Greek and Roman came among the African they could not grasp ALL 42 so they STOLE 10 and this is where you get this mythological man named Moses who supposedly went on top of a damn mountain and had a conversation with a fucking bush!  The fact that this is ACTUALLY believed by an adult mind is fucking unbelievable.  Anyway,  the European condensed the 42 Laws into the so-called 10 Commandments, put them in a book and said God threw it down from heaven.  Now the DIFFERENCE between the African mind and the European mind is seen distinctly in the 42 Laws of Maat and the 10 Commandments.  In the 10 Commandments it says THOU SHALL NOT,  in the 42 Laws it says I HAVE NOT.  So the difference is God in space has to COMMAND you and instruct the human how to behave,  while the African TAKES the responsibility for SELF and says….I HAVE NOT DONE!

In African spirituality,  you are responsible for your OWN errant behavior,  so you cant blame the devil or god for shit you get into, then ask for forgiveness, then a week later do the same shit because you can ALWAYS say ” God knows I’m weak”.  This is the bullshit of religion,  the human being is KEPT in a failed state, because someone in space will wipe their slate CLEAN and is imminently coming but never comes.  In antiquity the African had to say these 42 Laws five times a day to keep a moral compass and society living in Harmony and Balance.  We didn’t need or have jails or police in antiquity,  Maat kept the people in check.  Now I don’t say this as if the whole society and all the people were pure and holy, they had their recalcitrant hard heads also, but these few didn’t keep the WHOLE in disharmony and unbalanced.  This by the way is where the Muslims STOLE and adopted their five prayers a day,  it came from their plagiarizing the African concept,  not from no damn Muhammad, who is just as much a MYTH as Jesus,  but for some reason no one wants to touch that shit.  That is a whole subject for another time,  but in part two I want to make these 42 Laws more personal than something that was recited over and over throughout the day,  because African spirituality NEEDS to be contemporary and relevant for this modern African but at the same time KEEP its base, history and foundation.  Part two soon.



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