On a metaphysical level this topic can go in many areas,  if we are talking about the shadow of self we can talk about the darker side of self,  we can go into the HIDDEN  MIND of self and WHY it is hidden and what do we do to bring it into manifested light.  But the beauty of metaphysics,  the interpreter can choose the lane.  So I want to take this topic and relate it to the relationship between the African and the Caucasian.  First lets get a generic definition of what a SHADOW is.  It is an area of DARKNESS, caused by LIGHT being blocked by something.  So an area or space that is engulfed in darkness due to light or metaphysically KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM being blocked.  This is what the Caucasian has done when he has come into contact with the indigenous of the planet.  Please get away from emotionalism and just deal with the HISTORY of the darker people of the earth and the Caucasian.  Where there was LIGHT or CULTURE,  when the Caucasian came among the indigenous he has brought DARKNESS with him and it was spearheaded with RELIGION!

You cant name ONE PLACE,  just ONE area of the planet where when he arrived the ENERGY, THE SPIRIT, THE NATURAL RESOURCES of that area became DARK and depleted.  He has been the SHADOW of the planet and the human family,  I know this will be taken as being racist,  but you need to understand the meaning of the word racist and how it relates to POWER before you accuse me of such madness.  When you think of a shadow it is the FALSE SELF,  it is not the REAL SELF,  it is actually separate from the real self.  It would be a mistake and foolish to take the shadow as the real person and the REAL person as the illusion.  The Caucasian reminds me of a SHADOW.  He is separate from the human family,  and like a shadow when LIGHT appears the shadow disappears,  which explains the statement by Jesus when he said “Satan get thee BEHIND me”.  The Caucasian has cleverly made the world believe that he is the REAL and the darker people are the SHADOW!  He has convinced the world that everything about him is real and true,  while the darker people are the illusion and fake.

If not for the intelligence of the Western Man nothing would exist and the whole planet and everything in it owes him a tremendous debt.  He is the train and the darker people are the caboose,  and it is he that PULLS the rest of the human family into a BRIGHTER world.  Those who are Caucasian who may read this,  please understand where and the CONDITION we found you in Europe,  you were on your all fours in the caves of Europe when the African first encountered you,  again this is not to malign or be nasty,  but the Caucasian is the historical real CAVE MAN,  and it was the African not the Asian or Indian who found you and cleaned you up.  But systematically through slavery and colonialism the roles have been reversed.  As I said thru RELIGION, and not just Christianity, but ALL 3 of the western religions God, the angels, Adam/Eve and principally thru Gods son Jesus,  everything was turned WHITE and was considered the LIGHT and everything African was considered the SHADOW!  We as African people have bought into the illusion and now we walk in GROSS DARKNESS.  So when the SELF arms itself with light or KNOWLEDGE,  the shadow will show the reality of self,  and that is to be weak and transparent and has no REAL POWER over the substantive real self,  which resides in your African MIND!

Power to the goddamn people


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