In part one I tried to establish that there is a difference between the African and the European and be void of emotionalism and just use history and facts.  In part two I want to continue down the road of history so this piece of writing can be used critically instead of being accused of advocating and promoting Black superiority,  whatever the fuck that means.  Historically before the advent of racism and EUROPEAN slavery, and I have to intently say European slavery because the European and ignorant negros have routinely tried to parallel that at some point in history that ALL people were slaves at one time.  This false claim has been pushed thru academics as actual fact and history but not to just mislead, but it is a TOTAL lie and deceptive,  in hopes to sanitize the bloody hands of the European!  There is nothing that is even remotely close to the brutal treatment of African people under European slavery, and let me also add the Arab slave trade,  people don’t realize the Arabs engaged in slavery against the African a THOUSAND years before the European, and was even MORE BRUTAL than the white man if you can imagine that.  I don’t have time to go into detail but just briefly,  when we had conflicts among each other in Africa and took captives,  we were allowed to keep our religion, our names, our moral ways.  There were no lynching, raping, family separation, humans put on the level of animals and servitude for hundreds of years.  I could go on and on but that is a subject ALL BY ITSELF.

So back to the subject,  historically the relationship between the African and Caucasian has been one of TEACHER AND STUDENT respectively.  Since our FIRST contact with the Caucasian TYPE,  I say Caucasian type because the Greek is not Caucasian, the Greek is Mediterranean.  But when we came into contact with the Greek around 600 B.C. they were barbaric and uncultured,  remember when they came to Kemet{Egypt} the pyramids were ALREADY built and we were actually in our decline in civilization due to the savage invasions of the Asiatics and Persians and now here come these pedophile homosexual barbaric Greeks.  Herodotus “the so called father of history” and Hippocrates “the so called father of medicine” sat in the dirt as STUDENTS in Africa and went back to Greece as giants and are NOW revered.  Same for Plato, Socrates and Aristotle,  ALL of these were persecuted in Greece for bringing that foreign shit back to Greece and actually faced death for teaching it.

Alexander the ‘Great’ and Ptolemy wanted to be admired and worshipped as African Gods after their conquering of Kemet, this is not told in American and European schools, our history starts at SLAVERY and comes forward.  In Spain in 700 A.D. the Moors which were AFRICANS, the Arab didn’t come to Spain until much later,  but in Spain the African had to teach the European  how to bath, they introduced them to soap, built schools and universities.  Built streets with curbs, put lights throughout the cities.  Told the European you cant have chickens, goats and pigs in the goddamn house.  Introduced them to toilets,  they were shitting in corners of the house or throwing shit and piss out the window into the streets,  which by the way is where the term “not a pot to piss or shit in” came from.  800 years later of civilizing them, the African was expelled and ironically is the same time when the murderer Columbus made his fanatical journey to the ‘New World’.

Are we the same?  There is no evidence of this.  My last piece of evidence and argument is this,  some scientist did a study of the history of the Neanderthal Man,  this ancient CAVE MAN.  They found out that there is Neanderthal DNA in EVERY people,  particular the Caucasian, all except one….THE AFRICAN!   They found out that the African is the ONLY people that DID NOT have Neanderthal DNA in them.  If the Caucasian is nothing but a Bleached out African,  certainly we would ALL have this same DNA.  I say all this to say this has nothing to do with racism,  in fact RACISM is a term that deals with prejudice and POWER to dictate to a subordinate,  but this has everything to do with the fact that we are all different,  nothing wrong with that as long as it is not USED to be injurious to those who UNALIKE….. which has been the case with the relationship between the two people,  and we as African people have been the ones injured in this so called relationship.

Power to the goddamn people


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