This theory that WE ALL are really one, is just that…a theory.  Hopefully it is common knowledge that ALL humanity started on the continent of Africa.  But then there is a  thesis that the African transplanted themselves throughout the rest of the planet, and after thousands of years the African started to EVOLVE AND ADAPT to that particular part of the planet.  I will deal with only the Caucasian because every human has carbon or melanin except for him, so let us deal with this thesis.  So the African migrates to Europe thousands of years ago and we loose our melanin, our noses began to become narrower and our hair falls flat and we loose our NATURAL curl and kink to our hair.  Now that sounds plausible but it is only used to APPEASE everyone that they are not racist, and to GET AWAY from the argument that we are NOT one human family and we are all DIFFERENT.

In the hospitals there is a lab test called the GFR, it is a KIDNEY FUNCTION test to see if a persons kidneys are working properly or in kidney failure.  There is a lab result for African people and a lab result for EVERYONE else.  A lab result that is NORMAL for African people can actually be kidney failure for the Caucasian with the SAME lab results.  Which means our kidneys function much better than the Caucasians, now I am not Hitler and making a basis for a superior race, I am just stating a fact based on one test.  I know this is not empirical evidence, so I will give a few more examples.  Our bones are denser than the Caucasians, we have less sulfur in our bodies than the Caucasian.  Dr. Africa says we have 12 melanated brain centers and the Caucasian has 2.  Our muscle development, the legs, glutes muscles and calves are different.  If you google the CURSE OF HAM, so called White Jews put in their so called Holy Book The Torah, up until the 6th century that the African was CURSED with an ELONGATED PENIS!  imagine that, we were cursed with big dicks!

The point I am making is that it is not racist to question the differences between the two people.  Back to the thesis, if the Caucasian is nothing but a BLEACHED OUT African, then where are these same bleached out Africans in Europe now?  Since we have ALWAYS been there, we should see some bleached out Africans today;  Not a LIGHT SKIN African, because that is only the by-product of the union of a mixed relationship,  but an African that is WHITE SKIN AND NOT AN ALBINO.  Because an albino is produced in 9 MONTHS by a melanin deficient gene, NOT THE GRADUAL reduction of melanin in thousands of years due to insufficient sun light.  If that thesis made any sense, we should STILL see this process in continuation.      PART TWO SOON.      RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE


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