Imagine a people being MADE on the level of a ANIMAL for 310 years then finally let go and being told…”Now go COMPETE with the MOST DOMINATE people on earth”. Now when I say on the level of an animal, I mean African people have been so reduced from a human capacity during slavery that the masses conducted themselves on the MOST BASIC LEVEL. All higher levels of thinking were removed and eating and breeding was the norm for us. Just imagine it being a CAPITAL OFFENSE for just reading a fucking book! Imagine from the very point in life that you were able to form a word, you were taught that you were nothing, that you were savages in Africa and didn’t contribute not a single thing to the advancement of human development. So as a human being you become TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY dependent on the Caucasian male. Now imagine this going on for not a year, ten years, 50 years or 100 years but for 310 long fucking years. You could easily produce  a BEAST with this type of development. Now this vastly underdeveloped human being ALL OF A SUDDEN via the so called 13 amendment is told…Now go and compete with the most powerful man on the earth. Do you see this dire picture that I am unfolding for you? Now despite all this, 100 years later you in the fucking white house. Despite the KKK, despite the environmental racism, the housing racism, banking racism,  mass incarceration, medical racism, educational racism, cointellpro, killing of leaders, stealing of inventions, religious racism, pouring of drugs and guns in our neighborhoods, the mass infection of diseases and the shit goes on and on and on. All the hell this man has poured on your head….U STILL RISE! TRULLY YOU ARE THE REAL SUPERMAN! Then he gives you religion as the NAIL IN THE COFFIN, to make you rely on something in the SKY, that comes in the FORM AND LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM…U STILL RISE! Truly you have come from the bottom of the bottom, and have competed with the most powerful man on the planet and his system. But since you are under his system you have used only a FRACTION of your mental capacity and this man is so AFRAID of your accomplishment and POTENTIAL. If African people KNEW AND ACTED ON who and what we are…you then would see what SUPERMAN REALLY LOOKS LIKE!  African people just look back at what you have done DESPITE ALL THE EVIL put against you and how can you not see you are the REAL SUPERMAN AND SUPERWOMAN. I remember the ancestor The Honorable Elijah Muhammad saying that when you have a proper knowledge of self, the white man will become so INSIGNIFICANT that he will be like a STRING AROUND YOUR FINGER,  the only time you notice it is if you look down at it.   RA FOR LIFE!

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