this is part two of the inevitable here in the wilderness of north amerikkka.  that inevitable is the fall of amerikkka!  I know the masses of our people and people in amerikkka period have so much belief in this system that there will always be a Disneyland, always be a Mcdonalds, running water where u can take a 30 minute shower.  all things we take for granted and don’t even think twice when we turn on the faucet for water.  look 2000 miles west to California and the wise will see that soon and very soon water will be the new OIL!. there will be WARS all over this globe over WATER!.  in china there are a BILLION more people there than there are in amerikkka. the Chinese are now becoming the NEW overseers of beloved AFRIKA.  they are now going to afrika and buying up the most arable land producing food and SENDING THE SHIT BACK TO CHINA!  now who the fuck is the presidents of these countries in afrika that is allowing this to happen?  a flaming tire need to be put around these niggas necks!  they have programs on TV called doomsday bunkers. where white people have these bunkers filled with water, food, ammunition, medical supplies for the inevitable beginning, and us? like the fucking grasshopper we happily go get our hair done every week, cars shinned up, brand new nike’s , club every weekend not even thinking of the up coming winter that will envelope the whole planet as the enemy engage like ants and store for this inevitable winter!  when I say winter I don’t mean a goddamn season after fall but an economic collapse that will effect every facet of life from water to medical access. not only on TV but also in movies, a movie called MAD MAX just came out but of course to us its just entertainment but this enemy is seasoning u like fucking salt and putting to your SUBCONSCIOUS  this is on the way so when it does come you will already be PRE CONDITIONED to accept it as the NORM!  I watched  a documentary about a plane crash that happen in the alps in the winter of the 1970’s.  within ONE WEEK white folks were eating each others ass out,  ONE GODDAMN WEEK!  in afrika there are places where they die of starvation and never did engage in cannibalism. remember Jeffrey Daumer?  but you think they are all civil and humane…poor u!   I don’t know how many times I have said we need to engage in NATIONALISM if we are to survive and to truly understand what the word means and practice it as the ONLY RELIGION among us, if you know what the word religion means. the FALL OF AMERIKKKA is definitely on the way whether u believe it or not, for believe is not a requirement for its FALL!  no white nation has lasted more than 400 years. let me say that again… NO WHITE NATION HAS LASTED FOR MORE THAN 400 YEARS!  the GREEK Empire lasted 300 years,  the ROMAN Empire lasted 300 years, the BRITTISH Empire lasted 340 years and now AMERIKKKA IS AT 240 YEARS!  but u believe in this enemy so much u think it will be here for another 1000 years…poor u!  you and I better learn to love one another again, support one another again, DEFEND one another again. learn how to fast and not for no damn religion but for discipline! stock up food and water that will last for months.  learn how to grow your food again. get off the enemies medication and exchange it with natural herbs and good eating habits! exercise and meditation and substance reading with limited television.  all this are comprehensive and can and must be done!  for all you religious folks….REV 18:9-19  AND THE KINGS OF THE EARTH WHO HAVE COMMITTED FORNICATION AND LIVED DELICIOUSLY WITH HER, SHALL BEWAIL HER AND LAMENT FOR HER WHEN THEY SHALL SEE THE SMOKE OF HER BURNING.  ALAS  ALAS  THAT GREAT CITY WHEREIN  WERE MADE RICH, ALL THAT HAD SHIPS IN THE SEA BY REASON OF HER COSTLINESS!  FOR IN ONE HOUR IS SHE MADE DESOLATE!   HOTEP…RA FOR LIFE!

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