there is no city in amerikkka that has a food supply of more than 3 days. let me repeat that AGAIN, there is no city in amerikkka that has a food supply of more than 3 days! your grocery stores are constantly being re supplied via 18 wheeler trucks that criss cross the American land scape. amerikkkans don’t give it a second thought to just go to Mc donalds  or burger king at their leisure. they just know mcdonalds will always be there. they even have a 24 HOURS mcdonalds where you can get something to eat 7 days a week 365 days a year!  are you ready for the beginning?  the beginning is coming where yo ass will not be able to go down the street for a burger.  as I said there is no city that has a food supply for over three days. when there is a threat of a winter storm, in ONE DAY the grocery stores are emptied.  what if something tragic happened  and there were no trucks to replenish these grocery stores?  all the fucking prayers to jesus and allah could not save yo ass!  but I know what you say “our preacher is close to god and he can feed 5 thousand people with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread”.  OK NIGGA,  u wait on that!  our people are totally and completely dependent on the white man for food and water because we don’t believe in NATIONALISM, we believe in RELIGION!  we think our open enemies will feed US right along with THEIR starving children.  what a foolish people!  well let me show you, always look back in history and there you will get your answer.  during the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1920’s you go back and look at the FILM and you see these LONG FOOD lines….ALL WHITE PEOPLE!  where were the BLACK people during the great depression?  were we not hungry as hell also?  they were engaging in NATIONALISM without even knowing it!  they were back on there SEGREGATED farms eating what they grew and stored.  they shared with the other AFRIKANS who didn’t have.  this is what got them thru the depression when white folks got fed in bread lines.  but you think they are more civilized now, you think they are more compassionate now.  how have they treated your first black president?  if they treat him like shit how are they goin to treat your basic ass?  the recession in 2008 where almost a MILLION jobs were being lost in a fucking MONTH, A FUCKING MONTH!  those same banks that were to big to fail are now even BIGGER!  and these devils are doing the same fucking thing that led to that recession.  this time these banks will fail because there wont be enough PRINTED MONEY to bail them out. the whole system is based on FAKE CURRENCY and eventually that system is doomed to fall.  and since we as black gave up our farms to integrate with white folks you now do NOT have the ability to feed yourself. you go to mcdonalds, so now you are over-weight, sick, lazy, out of your fucking mind and religious….you will be slaughtered when the beginning happens!  this man is already priming your mind for it and you don’t even see it!  all you see is fucking entertainment.  part two soon.    HOTEP!… RA 4 LIFE!

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