this is part 2 of a question I have asked if ALL PEOPLE are the same, particularly the Caucasian. I am dealing just with the MENTAL DECAPITATION of the darker people of the planet and what is in the mind set of the European that they would try to mentally destroy a whole planet to make the human being submissive to them. so as I said in part one 80-85% of the WORLDS POPULATION have it in their religious mandate that YOU MUST PAY MONEY (called charity) to make it into heaven. if you DONT, U WILL NOT MAKE IT TO HEAVEN AND YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERED A GOOD CONVERT!  so now the enemy has taught black people that a man named JESUS (which is not even a fucking Hebrew name and the name yeshua does NOT translate to the name JESUS) they enemy has taught a man is coming STANDING ON A FUCKING CLOUD to save the human being and the dead will POP OUT of the graves and fly like superman up to the sky to meet him. IT HAS PROFITED the Caucasian to teach such folly!  this type of thinking is so backward, childish, and slave thinking, but it has been very effective to make a PERPETUAL SLAVE!  to top it all off to make an IMAGE OF A GOD that looks European then shove it down the throat of the darker people of the planet is DEMONIC. to make god, son of god, the angels, all the prophets white, you create in the subconscious mind that if you are black you are opposite of god and that you are related to devil more than god and the subconscious moves the conscious, so for 500 years we hate self and we kill self and we sell drugs to self and we disrespect self because we are far from divine. to put this type of weight on black people makes that type of human being a DEVIL, and since we have been under the tutelage of a devil for 500 years what else can you become but a goddamn devil!  the pope in the 17 century commissioned Portugal to rule the WEST part of the earth and commissioned SPAIN to rule the EAST part of the earth under the auspices of the religion Christianity. I defy you to find another people in the annals of time that has been so heinous in their treatment when they came into contact with the human family and attempted to rule the WHOLE PLANET thru mischief and religious lies… you will not find ONE!  why is he so void of empathy for other human beings? that is not a yesterday thing, look at the contemporary climate between black and white, white and latino, white and Africans on the continent what is the relationship between the two? what profits a man to be so callous to fellow human beings?  part three soon.   HOTEP

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