I started thinking, are we all as human beings really the same? what I mean is, people say we all came from one ancestor…the African,  then spread from the continent and populated the earth. so essentially we are all the same. another comment is when I cut me I bleed red and so do u, so we are ALL  from the HUMAN FAMILY. my question is, so why is the CAUCASIAN so DIFFERENT SPIRITUALLY AND MORALLY?  NO ONE has the track record of HUMAN DESTRUCTION like the Caucasian, there is not even a close SECOND!  I am not going to deal with the PHYSICAL MURDER of over a BILLION people by the Caucasian which in itself makes him TOTALY INHUMAN AND INSANE but I am going to deal with the MENTAL DECAPITATION of the darker people of the world. so I ask again are we really all the same people? if you study the history of the darker people of the world, no where in the annals of time when conflict came up between  two nations of melanated  people did the winner of the conflict feel the need to deny those they conquered the ability to READ, WRITE, SPEAK THEIR NATIVE TONGUE, PRACTICE THEIR FORM OF RELIGION, CHANGE THEIR NAMES OR MURDER YOU IF YOU WERE FOUND TRYING TO LEARN. why is this behavior so UNIQUE to the Caucasian and to him alone? what is in a people to make it a CAPITAL OFFENSE to read a goddamn book even the BIBLE? what is in a people to go ALL OVER THE ENTIRE PLANET and manufacture an IMAGE OF GOD that looks like them, then ENFORCE AND MANDATE that you FORGET your OWN GODS and WORSHIPP HIS IMAGE? this  PSYCHOPATHIC behavior was NEVER EVER  practiced by melanated people. what profit a man to gain the world and loose his soul? let me tell you what the VICAR OF CHRIST THE POPE said, and the word vicar means… one who rules in the absence of. this is what the goddamn devil POPE LEO X said…”it is well known how PROFITABLE  this FABLE OF CHRIST has been to us.” his archdeacon added that “he could not afford to have a conscience.” so in other words this goddamn devil have KNOWN for centuries that this JESUS SHIT WAS FALSE when they spoon fed it to our black asses, but CALCULATED THE MONETARY GAIN he would have if he spread the lie to the melanated of the world! to also have them PAY for a salvation that they DIDN’T NEED!  now you have some 80% of the worlds population believing in some sort of religion where FINANCES are needed and exchanged as PROOF if you are a GOOD CONVERT. that includes JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, AND ISLAM. part two soon…..HOTEP

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