PERT EM HERU, our ancient and HOLY BOOK that means “coming forth by day and night”. as I said in part one the word ontology means the philosophy of the human being BECOMING or coming into being. u have the story of BECOMING in the bible concerning adam and eve. this story is an ancient afrikan story about the goddess she-shat giving the pharaoh the fruit of knowledge that he may rule the people with justice and righteousness, which is the ancient law of MAAT. the goddamn white man took this story and manipulated it and gave us this male chauvinistic story about eve fucking up everything by seducing adam to eat a damn apple. but let us look deeper into the story in the bible and let’s get a different understanding of it. god punishes adam/eve for practicing ONTOLOGY. god says in genesis THEY …adam/eve have BECOME uh oh.. LIKE US! who is the us? GODS! meaning at one point they were not gods and after a particular act they HAVE BECOME like gods. how did they become gods? they ate, they devoured, they consumed the fruit from the tree of knowledge and by doing so they knew GOOD AND EVIL. now why the fuck is this a bad thing? and why the fuck would a secure god feel insecure about allowing a people  to know good and evil unless u want a people to REMAIN IGNORANT which would make u the REAL DEVIL!  this is exactly what the afrikan book called PERT EM HERU is about. it translates “coming forth from day and night” which is ontology. it also means existentialism, one who is coming forth or becoming thru one’s OWN struggle and development to come into the day but also know the night. knowing the knowledge of good and evil. this is afrikan, but there is no god that is going to punish u, cause and effect will do that. u have to become the real HEBREW… u have to cross over into the day of knowledge and out of the darkness of religion. u have to be RESPONSIBLE for your OWN spiritual health and development but our ancestors are LITERALLY in your DNA to help and guide us. I said to help and guide us, not FORCE OR TELL us what direction for us to go that is your and my responsibility. that way we have no one but self to blame for the outcome and consequences. HOTEP …RA FOR LIFE!

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