this comes from a religious context from the bible MAT 13:24-30 it states succinctly…the kingdom of heaven is like a  man who sowed GOOD SEED in his field but while men SLEPT HIS ENEMY came an sowed TARES among the WHEAT.when the owner came he said “who has done this”? and they said ” AN ENEMY HAS! do u want us to gather them up? no, lest u destroy the wheat along with the tares, so let them GROW TOGETHER UNTIL THE HARVEST TIME!” the tares I will BURN THEM but the wheat I will gather them to my barn”. now this is a parable that speaks of two DIFFERENT  PEOPLE that grew up so close that they intertwined and u couldn’t  tell the difference in their ATTITUDE AND CONDUCT, so the wise among them said “who has done this integration?  some white folks and some negroes,, bunch of goddamn enemies! ” so what do u want us to do? do u want us to separate them?” no, an EVENT will happen that will separate these two people. now the tares represent the WICKED and the wheat represents the RIGHTEOUS. now who are the wicked and who the righteous? the black man and woman have been here in north amerikkka for 500 yrs. for 500 yrs we have had to deal with outright murder, lynching, raping, lying, stealing and the list just continues. martin king said we will change THEM with our capacity to LOVE!  so it’s no doubt the AFRIKAN are the WHEAT. the Caucasian has not only NOT been able to get along with the afrikan but he has not been able to get along with ANY PEOPLE that he has come in contact with! native American, indian, Chinese, aboriginal, Japanese, irish, german no goddamn people, so he HAS TO BE THE TARE! now as a Christian I know u are saying GOD just wouldn’t pick one people over another. then throw away your bible because according to YOUR BOOK, god says the JEWS are HIS chosen people. so much so that he didn’t want them marrying the gentiles, being among the gentiles, or even teaching the gentiles. god even told Rebecca that ” their are TWO NATIONS in your womb, one I will LOVE and one I will HATE! now goddamn, god HATES a  people that have not even being born yet! so god hates but the Christian will tell me that hating is WRONG, so how can I be MORE THAN HE IS? during SEGREGATION when the two people were SEPARATED, u could DISTINCTLY tell which was the wheat and which was the TARE. u had black folks trying to change white folks by being  NON-VIOLENT, then u had the outright brutality of white folks against blacks when they tried to integrate a fucking toilet!  but now due to integration, which Elijah Muhammad said was a hypocritical trick. they really didn’t want u near to them but integration moved a NATION of money from one people who had to be self sufficient  and rely on self and poured that money in the hands of their open enemy, and we have now due to that grave error  no businesses that cater to us. after slavery we owned less than 1% of amerikkka’s wealth, today we own less than 1% of amerikkka’s wealth. so anyway, back to the story. so now due to integration the wheat and tare are intertwined and have come up together. so what USED TO BE  a total CONTRAST between the two people in their conduct and behavior, now u cant tell the fucking difference. there is no distinguishment between the two. we conduct ourselves like them. so a harvest time has to happen, there needs to be a separation of the two. I am looking for an event that will polarize the two people and if u have been paying attention to the climate of amerikkka, the wise can see it has already happen. I don’t live on an island, I do have interaction with the enemy, but I treat them like a fucking lab rat. when I am around them. I study them, I watch them, I see what angles they take. I see who can be an asset for me and who a liability. what strengths and weakness do they have and how to recognize them. I implore all afrikans to do the same when u are in their presence. afrikan people need to retrieve there humanity and morality again. we are seeing activity from black people that we have never seen in 500yrs. and it all started when we were introduced to integration. so there needs to be a separation of the WHEAT AND THE TARE or we ALL burn when HARVEST time comes.    HOTEP

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