I was reading this book on philosophy and ran across the word EXISTENTIALISM. I didn’t know what it meant and looked up the meaning… “a philosophical theory that emphasizes the EXISTENCE of the INDIVIDUAL as a person FREE and RESPONSIBLE agent determining their OWN DEVELOPMENT through acts of the WILL”. this definition describes my religion “or way of life” perfectly! I don’t recognize any religion or any god but do believe our ancestors continue to live thru us. we may give them the mythological name HERU, ASET, OR PTAH but those that have passed on or died their DNA still continues thru us. so for me the ancestors guide me, support me, give me instructions, but ultimately my development is mine and mine alone. I can follow their instructions or sit on my ass and do nothing, but I don’t believe in some god, creator, deity that’s outside of me in space or atmosphere that DICTATES MY LIFE!  so the word existentialism fits me perfectly, but this is not UN-AFRIKAN!  it is just your unique way of CHOOSING to understand our ancient belief system. the word ontology basically means the same thing as existentialism.. study of the nature of COMING INTO BEING OR EXISTENCE. the word existence is the ROOT WORD of the word existentialism. the book MAAT by maulana karenga is filled with the word ONTOLOGY. the word PERT EM HERU which means COMING FORTH BY DAY AND NIGHT which is the ancient book of our people in kemet which the BIBLE AND QURAN is plagiarized  from means ontology and existentialism. to come forth is ontology and to come into an existence from ignorance to knowledge  is to COME FORTH BY DAY OR EXISTENTIALISM!  if u are in the ACT of BECOMING that means u DIDN’T exist before. you are BECOMING… becoming what? the word Hebrew is a language. it is a language not a goddamn religion, someone turned it erroneously into a religion. but lets talk about this made of history, supposedly Abraham CROSSED OVER from UR of Chaldea into kemet or Egypt and those that saw him CROSS OVER called him HEBREW ” he that crossed over”. but when u use ontology in a spiritual context the word HEBREW has a similar  meaning of our ancient text PER EM HERU. because to truly CROSS OVER means one who was in gross darkness and has crossed over into knowledge and wisdom, COMING FORTH BY DAY! u are one who is BECOMING…..ONTOLOGY AND EXISTENTIALISM!   part two soon.   RA FOR LIFE!

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