this is the second of a three part solution to our dysfunction and inability to be successful in an overt and covert racist country. this is NATIONALISM. now nationalism is an umbrella term for many things. first u must recognize yourself as a NATION!  stop calling yourself MINORITY, RACE OR GROUP. we are not the minority on the planet, the Caucasian is. you may say well we are the minority in amerikkka. as long as u don’t identify with the rest of afrikan people in the diaspora then u will be treated as a minority. we are not a race, for a race has a beginning and an ending and we are so ancient we don’t know our beginning and there is no ending for us for we are the original people. and we are not a group which does not signify anything with power, but when u say NATION, that has power and this includes every afrikan on the planet that we are ONE.  so nationalism means it doesn’t matter if u are in Britain, india, afrika, mexico, cuba, china, or amerikkka if u are a descendant of afrika we are from the same nation. in nationalism the nation comes FIRST. u cant pledge allegiance to amerikkka before the nation. u cant even pledge allegiance to a religion before the nation. before u were Baptist, muslim, catholic, jehova witness, or  a.m.e. u were an afrikan, so your nation comes first and foremost. under nationalism we protect those in the nation, the babies, the women, the elderly, the men. and anyone who has intentions of harming one in the nation they forfeit their right to live due to their intent in taken the life of an afrikan. we buy and sell with afrikans first before we go outside to spend our currency. no people on earth or the annals of time spends 95% of their earned funds with their enemy but black people due to a lack of nationalism. under nationalism we build our banks and credit unions and we put our money in THESE institutions and take them out of white banks. we trade and do business with afrikan countries and our trading currency will be GOLD no longer the DOLLAR BILL because its a piece of PAPER with no worth. under nationalism we build or own schools and teach an afrikan curriculum, NOT RELIGION  but fucking afrikan history with afrikan hero’s. we will teach a curriculum that goes back further than the so called adam and eve story with images that afrikan children can see self in. under nationalism, we will produce our own products that FEED, SHELTER, AND CLOTHE US and no longer ask the enemy to do for us what other NATIONS do for themselves! this is what nationalism looks like, again these are comprehensible and sustainable efforts that MUST BE DONE!  unbeknownst  to black people the white man has already cut yo ass loose. u have become a unwelcome burden, an unruly burden, an unproductive burden. he has already replaced u with the Mexican and u don’t even fucking know it. your black ass is out  saying,” yes WE need immigration reform for Mexican people” and the white man is saying yes, lets kill all these niggas and replace them with Mexicans. every where u go u see him catering to Mexican people because they see the future where the Mexican will be the NEW MINORITY so we don’t need niggas anymore. the Mexican is more MANAGEABLE. your babies getting out of high school and college, when the white man wants to hire a MINORITY and he has to choose between jahim and lopez your babies going to be ass out. look at television, or businesses they will say if u speak Spanish press 2. look how hard Obama and white politicians are kissing Mexican ass, but u don’t see the picture do u? u have been replaced and when u do finally see, it will be to fucking late. we will be in these prisons, smoked out from depression, gang banging, homosexual or just literally crazy roaming the streets of amerikkka as mental zombies still waiting on jesus or Muhammad to save us. black people will be like a dinosaur, people will say ” yea I saw one a few weeks ago”. LISTEN TO ME WELL!  this shit is on the way, unless we embrace NATIONALISM.   HOTEP!  part six soon

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