this is part four of a series that  ask the question that plaques three societies dealing with socialism, religion, economics and self preservation. we have spoken of the ills now some SOLUTIONS. our three greatest impediments are FEAR, IGNORANCE, AND POVERTY. our three GREATEST STRENGTHS ARE OUR AFRIKAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM, AND SELF PRESERVATION.!  first our AFRIKAN CULTURE. division of us has been the enemies greatest weapon. this is the only way that a TRUE MINORITY on the planet can rule a MAJORITY. is by division. it is a simple but very effective weapon, and as simplistic as it is after 500 years we have STILL not figured this out. if we got rid of religion in our community and embraced our afrikan spirituality this would get rid of the division. no more I am Baptist, I am catholic, I am holiness, I am muslim, I am jehova witness and the shit goes on. so because u don’t believe in my god I stick my fingers in my ear when it comes to listening to u or aligning myself with u and the enemy exploits this madness. but since spirituality is a REFLECTION of one’s OWN INNER BEAUTY there is no god competition which makes it easier for us to deal with the real issues that plague our community and not get manacled with religion. now afrikan  CULTURE is an umbrella term that encompasses many things. when I say AFRIKAN CULTURE, I mean religion, name, diet, socialism, clothes, politics, marriage, economics, education, self defense and the list can continue. with all this under an umbrella and we embrace this, no need for greek fraternities, religion, buying the latest white man’s trinkets, busing black children at 5am to white schools, putting billions of dollars in white banks, waiting on the next benevolent politician to save us, white cops policing black communities. just imaging all these ills being addressed by black people under a UNITED FRONT that is AFRIKAN BASED and UNAPOLOGETIC. if u were black and u came with that “CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG SHIT” u were automatically ostracized and told take that shit across the tracks back to your master. division could no longer be used against us and black would become BEAUTIFUL again and the enemy would automatically know there would be HEAVY CONSEQUENCES to go against such a monolithic people. when I say monolithic I am not saying we would all be and think alike I am saying our people would COME FIRST, BE FIRST, AND DEFEND SELF FIRST. these are all COMPREHENSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE. the answers to our problems MUST have these two requirements, if they lack one of these two discard it and lets go back to the board. next issue we will deal with the second of the three solutions, NATIONALSM….. HOTEP

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