as afrikan people we are in a terrible condition. we did not wake up in this condition, as I said in the previous parts we were put in this wretched condition. but it has been 500yrs we cant wait on a benevolent white man or black man either to come and save us. the first law of NATURE IS…..SELF PRESEVATION! we cant wait on jesus or Muhammad or allah or any god or holy man to get us out of this shit hole, we MUST RELY ON SELF. I am going to give 3 reasons that keep us in the shit hole and three answers and solutions. first the impediments….1. FEAR. fear of the Caucasian, fear of the devil, fear of the government, fear of losing a job. we are entrenched in fear and a people who is burdened with fear will stay in that energy until they are ready to change that current mind set. we have been among the Caucasian for 500yrs he is not going to change as it relates to black people, if he was he would have done it by now. this government is not going to change, they will continue to prey on us and exploit us. there is no devil in the earth that’s going to get yo black ass, there is a devil on top of the earth that is giving u all the hell u can tolerate. u and I were looking for a job when we got this one, so u and I can do the whole process over if we loose this one, but we need to get fear under control and master it. I remember seeing a will smith movie and he said in the movie “there is no such thing as FEAR, we as human beings manufacture this in our minds. there is only DANGER, and fear and danger are not the same thing. 2. IGNORANCE, we as a people are ignorant of who we are. we are ALSO ignorant of who the Caucasian is. if we knew just SOME of our magnificent history and the VERY HUMBLE BEGININGS of the Caucasian then we would see him for who he is. a very shallow and insecure man that has made the whole world believe that he is greater than he really is. in the bible jesus asked a man how do u see men and the man replied “I SEE MEN AS TREES”. jesus spit into some dirt and rubbed his hands together and put it on the man’s eyes and asked the man again “HOW DO U SEE MEN?” the man then replied ” I SEE MEN AS THEY ARE”. someone needs to put some dirt and spit on our eyes so we can see this beast for who and what he is. with this age of information there should be no excuse why we cant learn about self and enemy, but we are LAZY AS HELL and don’t want to pick up a book or do any kind of research of substance. our enemy exploits our fear and ignorance and these TWO ARE DEADLY combinations for a people to overcome. 3. POVERTY this is the one along with the other two that makes us the zombies we are. we as black people here in AMERIKKKA ALONE not counting any other countries, we produce ONE TRILLION DOLLARS a year in amerikkka. EVERY GODDAMN YEAR ANOTHER TRILLION. but we don’t make toilet paper or a fucking toothpick. the only thing we do is CONSUME, BUY AND BUY AND BUY. we don’t own or produce a fucking thing. a lot of black CEO’S for white companies, a lot of presidents for companies but no owners. DR.DRE was part owner of headphones called beats by dre but he sold it. FUBU clothing sold, BET sold, PHAT FARM sold, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON BLACK HAIR PRODUCTS sold, the list goes on and on. we got some black fish and chicken restaurants! please nigga is that all we can own with a fucking trillion dollars? and because we don’t engage in NATIONALISM we spend 95% of our trillion dollars with our mortal enemies and they take all those funds and build up THERE COMMUNTIES and look back at us and say look how those niggers live, because u want a 50k car and still live with your moms, or live in an apartment where every month u give the white man 700, 800, 900 dollars a month for RENT and u own not a goddamn thing. u have no equity in nothing. I heard a brother say to me even if u pay off the house u still have to pay property taxes! is this your rationale for not owning a house? what u pay in rent every month nigga is what property taxes may amount to in a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR. but it is the responsibility of owning a house is what we don’t want to do. when shit go wrong u have to get the shit fixed, no more MR. WHITE MAN CAN U FIX THIS IN MY APT. these are the impediments that keep us at ground zero year after year, generation after generation, century after century. if we are to become the leaders of this planet as we once were we are going to have to CONFRONT THESE 3, FEAR, IGNORANCE, AND POVERTY. next time we go over the 3 answers and solutions to our manufactured obstacles. HOTEP

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