as I said in part one, the first two societies I spoke of are the Caucasian and Mexican societies. the last one I will speak of is the black or afrikan society. unlike the Mexican who had his homeland in mexico to go back to for refuge, the afrikan has been under tutelage of the Caucasian for 500 years. the most BRUTAL treatment that has EVER IN THE ANNALS OF TIME been poured on a human being has happened to afrikan people at the BLOODY HANDS of the Caucasian. he does not know his name, his language, his religion, his moral ways, his dietary habits, his dress code. he has been made totally into a mental zombie, so much so that we are as a people literally out of our minds and into HIS MIND. so we take our enemies as friends and our friends as enemies. now in a war of three societies and one is in such a TERRIBLE CONDITION we will be slaughtered and used as pawns. to prove my point, two republicans just recently ran for office and one of them was a straight up kkk lover but the race was very tight. so the other republican who never even reached out to black people the whole race decided to tell black people to vote for him because his opponent was a kkk lover…and he won. now neither one of them gave a FUCK about black people because we are just pawns in this war, like useless dust they just move us where we they need us to go. now we know as a WHOLE white people don’t give a fuck about black people. don’t fool yourself to think Mexican people give a fuck about black people. I am from California and Mexican people are preying on black people in cali. literally running them out of neighborhoods to make it ALL MEXICAN. they had a poll a few years ago and asked Mexicans how they feel about living near black people, the masses of them said we are lazy, uncivil, dirty, and bring down the value of homes. in the condition we have BEEN MADE INTO I am sure some of that is true, but the fucking Mexican has not been thru what we have and so u are looking at a CONTEMPORARY CORPSE. something that was alive but now is dead. so u are judging us in our present condition VOID OF THE HISTORY THAT NEEDS TO BE ATTACHED TO US. I know the old story ‘we need to stop using our past as a crutch and excuse”. but there is no such thing as PAST! YOUR PAST IS NOW THE PRESENT! your past is what makes the contemporary man. for good or bad who u are now is because of your past. so who we are as a people is because of our past. and granted we need to make it brighter but there are 50 million of us here in amerikkka, that will take time. success cannot be measured by a few successful negroes, WE ARE SUCCESSFUL WHEN THE MASSES OF US ARE SUCCESSFUL. THIS IS NATIONALISM. how can we come out victoriously in this 3 prong WAR. PART 3 NEXT. HOTEP

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