there is a growing problem in the united states of America called IMMIGRATION. this constantly growing Mexican population that is rolling into the shores of America is vexing the white society. imagine if u are a society that have been ruling a smaller society for 500 YEARS. and the smaller societies were so much under your control that they actually wanted to be like u. now this society I am speaking of is the white society. though white people are the TRUE MINORITY on the planet they are the majority in amerikkka. because they have been the majority they have ruled deliciously at the expense of the smaller societies. now imagine u have been ruling all this time and a BROWN SOCIETY is slowly catching up numerically with your white society and u know your white race has come to a stand still in numbers, how will u handle this influx of brown people? now billy, johnny, amy, cindy that u work with,  when u hear them talk about immigration u hear the poison in their speech. what do u think the wickedly wise who run things, what do think they are thinking? let me give u a glimpse into their wicked minds. if we don’t do something the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES will be run by Mexicans. the CONGRESS will be run by Mexicans. the JUDICIAL SYSTEMS AND LAWS will be made by Mexicans. our mighty military will be under the authority of Mexicans. the PRESIDENT will be a goddamn Mexican. this cannot happen in amerikkka, we BUILT, MADE, AND RUN this country and it must be RUN by only white people. both of these societies practice nationalism. they buy from one another, they share with one another, they live in peace with one another, they protect one another, they build businesses that cater to one another. this is why they are strong. the white man fears this Mexican society because they practice nationalism and they come to amerikkka with their CULTURE in tact and not only are the adults coming over now the babies are coming to America even at the age of 7-12 yrs of age. now these two societies will either CLASH or one will HAVE to acquiesce. but both will not assimilate well, so one will have to be killed off or one will have to be relegated to the new minority. now what of this 3rd society… the African society? now these three societies will have to choose sides because SELF PRESEVATION is the FIRST LAW OF NATURE. there is an ayat or verse in the quran that says “I have divided u into DIFFERENT TRIBES THAT U MAY KNOW YOUR OWN, U MUST DRINK FROM YOUR OWN WELL”.  own well means own CULTURE AND OWN KNOWLEDGE. but we as black people love to drink from other peoples well. we as black people are the only people on earth that don’t practice NATIONALISM. what fucking people spend 95% of their money with other people but us. this is fucking ridiculous. based on this alone u are NOT only ready for a WAR u are NOT even ready for a BATTLE. next I will talk about this upcoming war and if we don’t get ourselves together and SOON, we will be spoken of as the ancient dinosaurs.  PART TWO SOON.    HOTEP

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