this may sound redundant in this that I am saying but I just want afriakn people to look at religion and spirituality different and in doing this I may have to repeat things for it to sink in your psyche.  so with that said, let me say again and again and again that when u look outside of self for your salvation u are engaging in religion but when u look inside and find your salvation THERE u are engaging in spirituality! know this, understand this, practice this. there is a THEORY called the MOTHERSHIP. supposedly a large SPACE SHIP that’s half a mile by half a mile that also has 1500 baby planes or space ships that are located in side the mother plane. this plane according to Elijah Muhammad was designed primarily to destroy amerikkka. also supposedly Elijah and Fard Muhammad is NOW on this mother plane just waiting to come back and GET amerikkka. now I am not going to go into the madness of this thinking but these muslims are WAITING on the space ship to come for there salvation from wicked amerikkka. if u read part two I spoke of TEHUTI’S STAFF which has been changed to what we call the medical caduceus. at the top of this staff is a ball which I have already on many occasions said represents the PINEAL GLAND. this is your MOTHER PLANE. it sits in the MIDDLE OF THE BRAIN and is round like the mother plane and is called the MASTER GLAND because it controls so many functions of the body. this is your SPACE SHIP that is going to save u, stop looking in the damn sky for whence comes your help. in the bible we were told of a TOWER OF BABEL, some tower that the people built to ATTEMPT TO REACH GOD. now god gets upset about this attempt and decides to destroy it. again this is ignorant teaching that people were building some tower so they can go up to see god. but also in the story god confuses the language of the people so they couldn’t communicate to build this temple. now why the fuck is god so paranoid that he would have to go to such trouble has to confuse the people so they cant communicate just because they wanted to SEE HIM. the tower of babel represents RELIGION. because of the many different RELIGIONS the people CANNOT COMMUNICATE, like the tower of babel they will never reach god. there is metaphysics all thru the bible and quran but your mind has to be different to see the jewels in there. the story of JACOBS LADDER is the same also. a ladder that goes from the EARTH TO HEAVEN. at the top of the ladder is JESUS. if u have been following part one thru three u can see Jacobs ladder as the SPINAL CANAL OR RISING KUNDALINI ENERGY. from the root chakra which represents the earth to the PINEAL GLAND which is JESUS OR CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. let us change the way we think so we may see the beauty of self and within self from whence comes our help and salvation.  HOTEP!

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