in part one we ended with jesus and the two thieves being the spinal canal and the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body. let me say to those who may read this and are religious there was NEVER a jesus and the two thieves anywhere in history. they were myths, I am trying to ask u to look beyond the myth and see a deeper meaning in the myth that is more profound than 3 dead crackers on a cross. when u look at the medical caduceus which again is an afrikan symbol. u see a ball and wings at the top, its all metaphysical and its all the human body. again the staff represents the spinal canal but it also represents the rising of consciousness or kundalini energy which are the two snakes on each side of the staff. the ball at the top is the PINEAL GLAND, and when one’s consciousness rises to such a level they take on WINGS. their speech is elevated, their mindset is elevated, their actions are elevated, even what they eat is on a higher vibration. I remember hearing a brother tell me that Malcolm would fast for weeks and would study diligently while on the fast, and Elijah Muhammad would tell him to be careful in doing this because he would be so clean “in so many words” that he would not be able to identify with our people, who are in the gutters of life in amerikkka. in the nation of islam they have a teaching about 12 scientist. 12 major and 12 minor, and these scientist were scientist of ISLAM that lived in antiquity that wrote history for approx. 25 thousand yrs. each year for the circumference of the earth in miles. they write the history and the human beings walk in to it throughout the years. well the shit sounds deep but as in ALL religion they cant back the shit with actual facts or history. asked them where their  address is and they will say SAUDI ARABIA. asked them what was their names, their ages, how many were men, show me the building where they did all the planning. they don’t know because the shit is made up. back to tehuti’s staff which is the spinal canal. at the base of the SKULL, where the spinal canal ends there are 12 CRANIAL NERVES HMMMM, coincidence? I don’t think so.  dr. llaila Africa said the Caucasian has 2-4. these are your scientist, they are NOT 12 men sitting at a damn table writing history, U ARE THE 12. from u comes all history, from u comes all science. its all ONE SYSTEM, a rising of consciousness, a spinal canal, two fight or flight systems, 12 cranial nerves, a pineal gland all in one body. next topic if RA allows me to be here is THE REAL MOTHER PLANE AND THE TOWER OF BABEL.   HOTEP

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