I love the metaphysics in spirituality cause it can take u anywhere and it is not under the dictates of religion. I have said many times religion is like bottled water, it has a LABEL, u can BUY it, and it all LOOKS like the next bottle. spirituality is like a live running creek. its always CHANGING course, its FREE, sometimes it has impurities that need to be cleaned up. spirituality is also like a TAILORED SUIT, it is only supposed to fit u, but u can add things to the suit that u saw on another suit. but it only fits u. we all know the story of jesus and the two thieves being crucified TOGETHER on the cross. did u ever wonder why they were crucified with JESUS IN THE MIDDLE and one of the thieves turned out to be POSITIVE toward jesus and the other was NEGATIVE?  anytime u look for your savior, your salvation, your divinity OUTSIDE of self, that is religion. anytime u look WITHIN for those things u are now in the vein of spirituality. this is why afrikan people are in such a fucking wretched condition, we are constantly and consistently looking outside and UP there for our help. this is why I don’t in any fashion recognize, look to, ask for assistance from any GOD. if I need anything I get my ass up and go to work, if anything negative happens to me I understand it is my own ignorance or the victim of the law of cause and effect. back to jesus on the cross, these two thieves neg and pos and jesus in the middle are a picture of the metaphysics of the human body. they represent the STAFF OF DEHUTI or as the Caucasian calls it the MEDICAL CADUCEUS. this symbol was stolen from the ancient afrikans in kemet. if u look at the picture there is the STAFF in the middle and TWO SNAKES on each side of the staff. they took this staff and gave u JESUS AND THE TWO THIEVES being crucified on a cross. jesus represents the staff and of course the two thieves the two snakes. again this is not OUT THERE it is in SELF. the STAFF  or JESUS represents the SPINAL CANAL and the TWO THIEVES represents the SYMPATHETIC AND PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. in the story, one of the thieves says to jesus “if u are the son of god why don’t u get yourself off the cross and free yourself”. the negative shit, the other says to jesus ” when I die can I be with u in heaven jesus” or something along those lines I don’t remember the shit verbatim but u get the idea, positive words to jesus. this is the polarity between the two systems. SYMPATHETIC is for ACTION and PARASYMPATHETIC is for a calming down off the body. hopefully u can see the spirituality behind a story that is really about the human beings functions and not about some half naked cracker. when u look at the staff of dehuti or the medical caduceus there is a BALL at the top and some WINGS. again this is inside of u, but the afrikans used the MEDU NETER or DIVINE SPEECH or HOLY WORDS in a pictorial form to tell a more elaborate and cerebral story. we will go into what that ball and wings mean, the nation of islam talks about 12 SCIENTIST  that write down history but we will go into who they really are and it all goes back to SELF. HOTEP

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