” the realist shit I ever wrote” is a line from a tupac shakur song. tupac is my favorite hip hop artist due to his diversity of his music. I pick this title as a reflection for self and for criticism for self, that why I say its the realist shit I have written. I consider myself a revolutionary trying to follow in the steps of our august ancestors, but when I reflect on self I see how far I am from the greatness of those I stand on the shoulders of. when I think of huey p newton and fred Hampton these brothers were in there 20’s and were giants among us. Malcolm was in his 20’s when he first joined the nation. the 60’s produced so many giants among us and today we have no one even remote to the grandeur of these brothers. went to an afrikan festival over the weekend and they had a picture of Malcolm, Obama, and huey p. newton sitting down together….GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!  Obama should have never been in the goddamn picture. anyway back to the subject, I was watching a documentary on the panther party of the 60’s and a brother said how he met HUEY P. was huey was armed with a shotgun posted up protecting a building in the black community when a white cop came up to him and said “put down your gun”. huey said “NO, U PUT DOWN YOURS”. the shit gets even better, then huey cocks the shotgun and says to the pig “GO AHEAD REACH FOR IT”. the pig lowered his head and turned away. when the brother saw huey do this he joined the panther party that day. are we producing black men like this? when I was looking at this part of the documentary I questioned what would u have done in huey’s position? in the 60’s when black men were getting lynched, shot, beat up on a regular,  Malcolm was calling the white man a DEVIL to his face unapologetically and with no fear.  fred Hampton in his early 20’s gathering together all the gangs in Chicago for a truce and to help protect black communities from police brutality… this is REVOLUTIONARY!  then I think of what I am doing, saying a few slick shit on FB, maybe politicking with a few brothers putting amerikkka and the white man on blast, started a blog trying to be cerebral and shit. this means nothing and leaves the white man UNTOUCHED!  there is so much more I can do and must do, but I must clarify to be a revolutionary does NOT mean one has to tote guns and look for a civil war with the devil, though I definitely believe in SELF DEFENSE and protecting our women and children. but a revolutionary also is one based on the root of the word REVOLUTION which means a rotation or a change and this is what we need in our community. one who can bring a change. I admire these giants that came before me and I plan on putting my foot right where they left footprints in the sands of time. i  pray the ancestors give me the HEART of a HUEY P. the ORGANZATIONAL SKILLS of a FRED HAMPTON and the ORATORY  of a MALCOLM to bring some change in our communities and not rely and be an ARM CHAIR behind a computer wanna be revolutionary. HOTEP, RA FOR LIFE!

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