again before I get into the thick of this thing, I want to reiterate that DEVIL AND SATAN are not parallel figures. the DEVIL represents a people or a person who lacks any indwelling spirit and acts as a beast but has human form but SATAN is a MINDSET that rules self due to a RISING of the kundalini energy that when u meet such a person u can tell because they conduct self and have a look that is so much different from the masses of the people. when u see such a person a curiosity comes up in u and u think ” whats up with this brother/sister?”. in this verse or blog I am going to use some bible scripture. there is some good metaphysics in both bible and quran but if u read like a goddamn history book u miss the esoteric work in it because u think things in it actually happened though NONE OF IT is based in reality or fact. in genesis u find a TREE A SNAKE AND AN APPLE OR FRUIT. all these things represent the HUMAN BODY. the tree represents the SPINAL CANAL OR CHAKRA SYSTEM, the snake the KUNDALINI ENERGY rising up the spinal canal and the apple REPESENTS THE PINEAL GLAND. now the bible tells u bluntly that GOD DOES NOT  want u fucking with that tree, why? because its the tree of knowledge. now why the fuck god would keep u from that tree? well the bible tells u.. they( adam and eve) have become like us GOD. knowing GOOD AND EVIL. now ANYONE that will keep u from knowledge is a GODAMN DEVIL. and the Caucasian kept afrikan people from knowledge and still do for the last 500 YEARS, now who is this god in the bible is he really a god or is he a devil? MATT.13.25 but while men slept, his ENEMY came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. verse 30. let them GROW TOGETHER until harvest time, in HARVEST TIME I will bind the tares in bundles to BURN THEM but the wheat into my barn. this is a beautiful verse. its definitely talking about two different people one people represents wicked tares and the other wheat. but the two people grew up together but one group of people were SLEEP but when fucking HARVEST TIME come there will be a separation of the two. harvest time means an AWAKENING of a people and see the tares for who they really are and a gathering of these fucking devils and a burning. that’s your bible! MATT.13.38  the field is the WORLD, the good seed are the children of the kingdom ; but the tares are the children of the WICKED ONE. v.39 the enemy that sowed them is the DEVIL; the harvest is at the end of the world. in Hebrew it does not say END OF THE WORLD it says END OF A TIME!  SO WHAT TIME IS IT?  there is a beautiful book called ” MELANIN A KEY TO FREEDOM, by Richard king. in the book he talks about the number 666. I know u think its talking about some little kid with 666 in the back of his head like the movie THE OMEN.  NO, he says it means 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, and 6 protons which is CARBON the bases of MELANIN. carbon is the bases of everything that exist, but u scared of the fucking number because CHURCH told u that. everyday I try to raise SATAN in me, my kundalini energy. everyday I battle god in HEAVEN and I eat of the forbidden fruit. stop being so goddamn scared and THINK on another level and be FREE. HOTEP

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