what I am about to write I am sure many will disagree with. but this only proves the beauty of spirituality verses religion. the beauty to agree to disagree. spirituality is like a tailored suit, it is only supposed to fit u. this I am writing is my continual attempt to push the limits of thinking and let the individual make their own choice of what resonates with them. the honorable Elijah Muhammad said ”  when  u come among the people be like two glasses of water, what they have and what u are presenting and let the people decide which glass to drink from”. now to the subject, now I am going to try and distinguish between SATAN AND THE DEVIL. these are not IN MY VIEW synonymous. one I will view in linear terms and the other in abstract views. first the DEVIL, now to me the devil is just a wicked person. someone who can covertly wicked and overtly wicked. now the devil can come in many colors and forms but there is a people who have been devils and demons and have manifested these attributes more than any other people in the annals of human history and this is the Caucasian . this is not hate or demagoguery, based on there history on the planet NO OTHER PEOPLE have committed more murder,rape, robbery, pillage on the planet then they. all people have committed these atrocities but they have been the apex of it all. now as long as the devil is some mystery thing that flies around and jumps in and out of people like the goddamn exorcist than u and I can EXCUSE ourselves from addressing a people who have put u and I in hell of a condition that now we as a people tolerate the intolerable…GODDAMN!  now SATAN this is something different….u all tucked in?  ok now here we go. in the bible it talks about a DRAGON using its tail to bring down a 1/3 of the stars in heaven. now that statement is some heavy, heavy shit but when u read the bible literally u miss the depth of the sea of wisdom in it. of course this is not about a damn real dragon knocking down stars. so it has to be metaphysical. anytime u read about a DRAGON OR SNAKE in the bible this is describing the KUNDALINI ENERGY of the human being. so in genesis it starts off as a snake but in revelation the last book its a dragon. this is the rising of the kundalini or chakra from the root chakra to the pineal gland into CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. so the dragon taking down stars in heaven, stars here have a very limited light compared to RA OR THE SUN. this means religion, like stars it gives off light or wisdom but very limited. and HEAVEN what is this?  there is a saying THE BATTLE IS FOR THE MINDS OF THE POEPLE.  so our minds are dominated by this limited light we call religion and very few of us have a SUN up in our HEAVEN. but when this dragon comes or rises it will take down stars because u will not be looking for CHRIST U WILL BECOME THAT. in the bible SATAN OR LUCIFER is described as the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR, now evidently this is not a regular star because it is seen in the MORINING while the stars we normally see is seen at night. right before the dawn of a new day, in the bright sky u can see a NORTHERN STAR. now this northern star represents the northern part of the chakra which is the pineal gland. so the pineal gland is SATAN the bright and northern star. the root word of LUCIFER IS LUCENT which means CLEAR, CONCISE, NO AMBIGUITY. Lucifer was clear, he was concise that he didn’t want to be a slave to religion or god, he wanted to RULE SELF. so he rebelled against god in heaven, there is the word HEAVEN again. for the masses of the people there is a war in heaven going on now for 500 years either JEHOVA, JESUS, OR ALLAH has waged war in your heaven now look collectively at our condition, u and I are in HELL. so who is the real devil and maybe u should take another look at SATAN. OH SHIT I am going to stop reading right here this nigga crazy. I made a bumper sticker that said…SATAN, THE FIRST REVOLUTIONARY! I would look in my rear view mirror at a stop light just to see the devils faces turns up as they read it, lol. I will continue this into verse two and go into more of satan and the number 666. HOTEP

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