what is an inconvenient truth?  well I looked up the word INCONVENIENT to get some synonyms and found the words DIFFICULT,INOPPORTUNE,UNTIMELY, AND UNFORTUNATE. all good words to explain this untimely, inopportune truth that lays before the indigenous and MAN(KIND). but on second thought, is not UNTIMELY OR INOPPORTUNE only for the TRUE MINORITY on the planet. it is an INCONVENIENT TRUTH that the Caucasian people are at a birth rate of negative. meaning not at zero where for every white born a white dies. but, at a negative meaning more are either dying or past the age of reproduction than are being born. this means for them UNFORTUNATELY  that if this phenomenon continues their race is unsustainable on our planet. this is an inconvenient truth. what is an inconvenient truth? the sustainability of religion. numerically Judaism does not have enough people converting to it to sustain self. they are victims of their own arrogance. they profess they are GODS CHOSEN and that the REAL JEWS are BORN  and not converted so they don’t spend time trying to bring people to their religion. this arrogant flaw will be their demise. in Christianity people are just fed up with the pimps, the lies, the inability to produce facts that parallel with history. every year more and more people fall away from Christianity due to its continual inconsistency. in ISLAM these motherfuckers just shoot themselves in the foot with the dumb shit they practice and continue to force on populations that make it unsustainable. one of the biggest is the oppression of the woman. to oppress the woman u are BOUND to lose. but I am not even going to waste time enumerating them. the demise of religion is an INCONVENIET TRUTH.  what is an inconvenient truth? if black people don’t become conservative again in their morality and come home to their AFRIKAN CULTURE, homosexuality will become the NORM in our community. and I must say this decision lie at the feet of BLACK MEN. if more and more of our men continue to adopt this DEGENERATE lifestyle, out of human necessity to want to be loved and be in love, if a woman has no access to black men she will, like any species will adopt to the circumstances. our afrikan brothers who follow this lifestyle I am not condemning them like a Christian and saying “u are going to hell”, but this lifestyle does NOT benefit our community and is a LIABILITY in our community. historically homosexuality was not practiced no where on the continent before the coming of the GREEK AND ROMAN. I defy anyone prior to 700b.c. to find this history among afrikan people. this is not a goddamn coincidence. I know u say u were BORN this way, and plausibly I know there are chemicals in the water and food that the Caucasian has inserted that affect the testosterone and estrogen in the body that can dramatically effect the human being. but u know and we know for the masses it is an adopted lifestyle. its INCONVENIENT but it is true. come home black people, come home to life, come home to culture, come home to sustainability. before this inconvenient truth becomes reality.  HOTEP

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