lets get right into the metaphysics of oz. the tornado that came and took Dorothy to a foreign land represents the Caucasian that came like a violent storm, uprooted us from our homeland and landed us in a strange land among very strange people. like Dorothy once she landed there she was told lies about herself, that it was her that killed the witch and that u now must trust US AND ONLY US if u are to survive. when we got to these forbidden shores we were told we were savages, uncivil, uneducated and that ONLY white people is who we should trust. like Dorothy we were told there is a wise white god and where he lives are streets of GOLD,  but why did they make the wicked witch GREEN covered in ALL BLACK? the BLACK  god AUSAR is GREEN which represents rejuvenation, and the monkeys with wings? one of the zootypes for the afrikan god Tehuti is a MONKEY the wings represents the wings of RA or the rising of consciousness. as Dorothy got closer to the white wizard THE GREEN witch attempted to slow them down by making them sleep by the flowered poppies, our ancestors tried everything to try and slow our asses down from heading to this white god but every sunday,  like white snow the negro preacher pour shit over our head and we forge ahead to the white wizard. BRING ME HER BROOM! why the broom? if u notice the WHITE WITCH didn’t have a broom she was in a fucking bubble. this represents their wisdom, its SELF ENCAPSULATED. but the broom allowed the green witch to move at super speeds, she had more mobility and the way the broom looks she could have been riding an ANKH. the wizard wanted the power of the melaninated  witch. Dorothy represents AUSET the black goddess and her dog ANUBIS, the god with the jackel head that is the god of the dead. the dog pulls back the curtain to expose the false god to awaken dead AUSAR. and who is ausar in the movie? the tin man, the straw man, and the cowardly lion all represent THE BLACKMAN. like ausar he is dead and need a “Dorothy” to RE-MEMBER HIM. like the tin man the black man has no LOVE for self. like the straw man he has no KNOWLEDGE of self. and like the lion he has been a COWARD and does not DEFEND self. had it not been for Dorothy( AUSET) none of them would have received their gifts. black people like Dorothy we have always had the ability to GO HOME. all we had to do is click our heels 3x, what does this mean? KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND UNDERSTANDING. but we must see the white wizard for who he truly is… a fucking fake façade and illusion. pull the curtain from your eyes and see him as he is. u are following, listening, believing, bowing down to a man that has LITERALLY been on the planet for a few thousand years but they cant find your birth record. UP U MIGHTY NATION, U CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT U WILL. HOTEP

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