the wizard of oz is a very nostalgic movie. I am sure we can remember as children when we saw the movie and how it entertained us. it is paralleled with the bible like a script. u have the battle of good and evil. a  WHITE angel over Dorothy protecting her,  and the streets of gold ( the yellow brick road) that leads to god or the wizard. now at the end of the movie the GOOD WHITE WITCH from the west tells Dorothy after she had been thru all that HELL to get to the wizard she says ” u had the power ALL THE TIME to go home, all u had to do is click your heels 3 times”. now Dorothy should have whipped her ass for not telling her that shit from the beginning but anyway lets break this shit down metaphysically. in the very beginning of the movie there is a tornado that uproots  Dorothy and takes her to a strange land.( u already see the shit) when she comes out of her SLUMBER she is told she committed this crime of killing another witch. she is told she has stolen the shoes of the same witch. she is told we are your friends and trust no one but us. she is told if u want to meet the wise one the wizard(god) u have to take this road or PATH here. now all this I have described is analogous to the willie lynch letters and the curse of ham bullshit. on her journey of the streets of gold she meets 3 individuals. a straw man with no BRAIN, a tin man with no HEART, and a lion with no COURAGE. now the WHITE WITCH is told is her FRIEND and the GREEN WITCH in ALL BLACK is considered the enemy, I mean the shit is amazing. the green witch has an army of winged monkeys…. hmmm interesting. as Dorothy and the gang gets closer to this WHITE WIZARD the melaninated  green witch tries to slow their head long approach by putting them to sleep but the white witch puts WHITE SNOW on them and wakes them and they continue in their search for the great white wizard. they finally get to see the wizard and he is this huge image with smoke and mirrors. the dog pulls back the curtain and exposes the GREAT WHITE WIZARD for who he truly is and the wizard says ” don’t worry about that man behind the curtain just pay attention and gaze your eyes UP HERE”. the straw man, the lion, the tin man all get what they so desperately need and Dorothy’s power was clicking her heels 3 TIMES. what does all this mean to the black man, our condition, and how we have been deceived. in the next chapter part two with the help of the ancestors we will answer the questions. HOTEP

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