everyone has seen the movie Frankenstein. there are many versions but the same premise. a dead man who has been put together by a MAD scientist and the last thing was to give him a brain that he will do the bidding of the mad scientist. as u think of the movie everyone knows it is pure science fiction, or is it? everyone in the movie is afraid of this monster and in the middle of the night a bunch of white folks chase the monster with torches. now this Frankenstein is a dead man, he is a created thing he was put together by a wicked scientist. the problem is everyone is upset with Frankenstein and not with DR.FRANKENSTEIN, he is the one who created him. this story is a perfect analogy of the black man in amerikkka. he is a created man by a mad scientist. he created a dead man, so much so that the word negro comes from the word necra which means dead. in Spanish negro is describing an inanimate THING. an object, something that does not have life. so this white man created a dead man. once he has created him he has inoculated not just amerikkka but the whole world to fear this monster he has created. if u look at dr. Frankenstein he is clean cut, has a haircut, wears a dr. lab coat, is articulate, has his own business, respected in the community and he is white. Frankenstein on the other hand has a disheveled look, clothes are dirty, hair is uncombed, clothes sag on him, no job. broken speech and he has melanin, he is green. are u starting to see the similarities? tell me u don’t see a Frankenstein being portrayed in the news! tell me u don’t see a man that has been under the tutelage of a wicked task master for 500 years and is now a created man! other than he was before he came into contact with the wicked scientist. when Frankenstein was in the ground he was in harmony with the earth, with nature. the goddamn white man took him out of his NATURAL ENVIRONMENT then created a fucking negro, a dead man! then in the middle of the night mobs of white people come after this created man with their torches and hunt him down to destroy. and why are they after Frankenstein? well in the news that has traveled throughout the city it seems he has accosted a white woman! tell me this shit don’t sound familiar. at the end of the movie Frankenstein kills his master …hmmm? so what is the moral of the story? afrikan people must return back to our original essence of who we were before we came in to contact with the wicked scientist. on this planet DR.FRANKENSTEIN is the one who should be shunned not Frankenstein. we should as a people should understand and be cognizant that we have been created by a man who LOOKS clean and civil and educated but the suit does not make the man. the white man has a god complex, this is a psyche disturbance where he MUST make the REAL GOD look demonic and the real devil look angelic. the Caucasian represents 10% of the total population on the planet and that number is shrinking fast, just as in the movie we need to put him in his 10% place to keep him from continuing to make havoc on nature and the natural man. there is a movie that came out about 10-12 years ago called THE HAPPENING. it is about the human causing so much destruction on the planet that the every living thing particularly the plants have turned against the human in order for the planet to survive. out of all the indigenous peoples on the planet who has not been in harmony with the planet and now we have extreme climate weather depleted ozone layer, corrupted air, water, soil and now this beast wants to go green! fucking amazing. in closing this same mad and wicked scientist made another created being from the dead. THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN! now who do u think this is?      coming up the science of the movie “WIZARD OF OZ”

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